Debate continues over gun control rights

(WJLA) - "You're looking at the names of people who have been in mass shootings, and that means four or more people shot," said gun control proponent Helen Ramsey on Wednesday.

They are mostly women, mostly mothers, even grandmothers – and their mission, says Helen Ramsey, is clear:

"We don't need guns, we don't need as many guns as there are."

These protestors are determined, demonstrating outside of the White House almost every week since the Colorado movie theater shooting in 2012. They are also frustrated by the Virginia Tech shooting, and are asking the President and Congress for an assault weapons ban as well as an end to unregulated, person-to-person sales.

But there is a very popular, very strong opposition too:

"Guns are part of people's everyday lives," said gun shop owner Earl Curtis.

At this Chantilly gun shop, sales are often brisk after high-profile incidents, and customers are worried about a government crackdown. In 2005, the FBI conducted nine million background checks for gun purchases; in 2013, that number jumped to almost 20 million.

“Like I say, keep the current laws, improve the back end of the system," said Curtis.

The "back end" he is referring to is the mental health factor. He has turned customers away when he felt the need to, and believes we must do a better job of identifying the “unstable.”

This may just be the one area he and Helen both agree on.