DAYBREAK DAILY: Va. Tech leads digital library revolution

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ABC7 WEATHER: Sunny with highs in the mid 40s; big-snow likelihood for Wednesday increasing.

‘GOOD MORNING WASHINGTON’: Among the stories – A woman appears today in court in Loudon County after being charged with killing here husband over the weekend; continuing coverage of the sequestration; much more, beginning at 4:30 a.m.

TRENDING ON ABC7 FACEBOOK: The latest from ABC7's Bob Ryan on the likelihood of a coming snowstorm: "Yesterday I said a big snow in March in Washington is rare. The Wednesday storm is now looking more and more likely (70% chance I think for the area-especially west and north of D.C. ) to be one of those rarities. The last time we had 6" of snow or more in March was 14 years ago. So why am I more confident than yesterday that the Washington area will see a "big" winter storm Wednesday? Continuity, convergence and the cast." Read more of Bob's analysis:

CUTTING EDGE AT VIRGINIA TECH: Of the “new” library, per the Roanoke Times, “To keep libraries relevant amid the rapid expansion of Web-based information, Tech officials are using architects and student advisory committees to develop spaces and services that draw the campus into the library. More and more print books and journals are shifting out of library buildings and are being replaced by digital classrooms, sequestered study rooms and open areas for all kinds of group and individual work. Library collections are moving from paper to cyberspace and can be accessed on a growing list of electronic devices, from iPads to Kindles.”

MCDONNELL AND TAXES: All in the name of roads, per the Washington Post, “A cautious politician, the term-limited governor has stepped out in his final year to back a compromise that could burnish his legacy with everyone but his conservative base. Just last year, McDonnell was in the mix as a GOP vice presidential contender. Now, as he is said to mull a presidential run in 2016 or perhaps a bid for U.S. Senate, observers say he will either have to repair his relationship with the right or repackage himself as a pragmatic centrist — wrestling with the same identity crisis that afflicts the Republican Party as a whole.”

H.I.V. CURE?: Could be, per the New York Times, “Doctors announced on Sunday that a baby had been cured of an H.I.V. infection for the first time, a startling development that could change how infected newborns are treated and sharply reduce the number of children living with the virus that causes AIDS.”

POLITICO PLAY: “Democrats toasted the New Year’s fiscal cliff deal with the belief that they had set a crucial new precedent: Tax hikes would be part of any future deficit reduction package. Two months later, the champagne buzz is wearing off. With about $85 billion in spending cuts — and no new revenue — kicking into gear on Friday, it appears that the exuberance expressed by many Democrats at the beginning of the year was misplaced. Efforts to avert the sequester never achieved liftoff, and Democrats are realizing that new tax revenues are off the table for the immediate future.”

GIRL POWER: Remembering when, per ABC7 – WJLA, “Thousands of women marched down Pennsylvania Avenue Sunday to recreate the Women's Suffrage March of 1913. They rallied outside the U.S Capitol in remembrance of the 1913 event, which at the time, was a way to jump-start the women's suffrage movement and gain the right to vote for women.”

METRO DOES ITS JOB: And does it well, per the Washington Examiner, “Metro train operators saved two lives over the weekend by stopping trains in time to avoid hitting two people who had placed themselves on the tracks.”

D.C. LABOR: Just the facts, per the Washington Times, “D.C. labor-relations officials insist they have nothing to do with a perplexing intraunion dispute over who has the authority to lead a 200-member union for youth-corrections officers. Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s office says his administration merely wants to ensure the “recognition rights” of the union as an “exclusive representative of the bargaining unit employees.”

SPORTS, BRIEFLY: Wizards beat Philadelphia 90-87.

--Skip Wood

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