DAYBREAK DAILY: Va.'s Rigell to introduce straw-gun legislation

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TRENDING ON ABC7 FACEBOOK: A Virginia Senate committee has endorsed legislation to toughen penalties for texting while driving. The bill would increase the fine to $250 and make it a primary offense. The fine for a second offense would be $500. What do you think of the proposed penalties?

GOOD MORNING WASHINGTON: Among the stories will be a preview of the Baltimore Ravens post-Super Bowl celebration and parade, D.C. being named the nation’s most congested city, and much more, beginning at 4:30 a.m.

OF GUNS AND SNEAKS: This one seems like a no-brainer, per the Virginian-Pilot, “U.S. Rep. Scott Rigell is one of a group of legislators proposing to crack down on gun buyers who illegally purchase weapons on behalf of those not permitted to own firearms. The Virginia Beach Republican is introducing legislation (Tuesday) that makes straw gun purchases - done by people with no criminal record, on behalf of convicted felons or others prohibited from owning guns - a more serious crime.”

WELFARE PLAN REBUFFED: A matter of privacy, per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “The Virginia Senate Monday narrowly defeated legislation that would have required drug screening, and allowed drug testing of welfare recipients. The party line vote on Senate Bill 721 was 20-19, with Sen. Harry B. Blevins, R-Chesapeake, not voting, effectively giving Democrats enough votes to defeat the measure in the evenly divided chamber.”

NO COMMENT: Just the facts, per the Washington Post, “Fairfax County police are continuing to investigate allegations that three West Springfield High School students filmed themselves engaged in drunken sex acts with at least six juvenile girls. The three boys — two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old — were arrested at school on Jan. 11, according to police and school officials. They have been charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.”

MEANWHILE: Ah, social media, per ABC7 – WJLA, “The advent of smart phones and other technology has led to a surge in the number of apps that help young people meet up - sometimes to have sex. But with these apps come a danger, which has already proven deadly for a young woman in the D.C. area.”

INSIDE D.C. BASEBALL: We’re not talking about the Nats, per City Paper, “The more-than-a-decade-old Pershing Park arrest civil suit has a new twist: A federal judge says that Attorney General Irv Nathan's "personal and professional honor may be called into question" over an allegedly untruthful filing from his office. At issue is a court filing with Nathan's name on it that said there was an ongoing investigation being conducted by the Metropolitan Police Department's internal affairs division into whether someone deliberately tried to delete evidence related to the Pershing Park arrests.”

UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU: Especially if you’re bad, per the New York Times, “Obama administration lawyers have asserted that it would be lawful to kill a United States citizen if “an informed, high-level official” of the government decided that the target was a ranking figure in Al Qaeda who posed “an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States” and if his capture was not feasible, according to a 16-page document made public on Monday.”

POLITICO PLAY: “House Republicans haven’t settled on an agenda yet, but Majority Leader Eric Cantor is ready to rebrand the party. The Virginia Republican is a metaphor for a GOP conference that is trying to modernize on the fly after a disappointing 2012 election that saw President Barack Obama win a second term and Democrats gain seats in both chambers of Congress.”

CARS, CARS, CARS: And, you know, roads, per the Washington Examiner, “In a move that could increase tensions inside Virginia's Republican Party, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on Monday backed a transportation plan that rivals one introduced by Gov. Bob McDonnell and now threatens his fellow Republican's legacy. The plan Cuccinelli endorsed is being presented as a conservative alternative to McDonnell's transportation package, which would eliminate the state gas tax and increase the sales tax and certain fees to raise $3.1 billion for roads, a top priority in vote-rich Northern Virginia.”

EVERYONE LOVES A PARADE: This one will be purple, per the Baltimore Sun, “Dizzy with the thrill of a Super Bowl victory — and late-night revelry — Ravens fans spent Monday stocking up on purple gear and planning to close offices and pull children out of school for Tuesday's victory parade. Women heaped on purple rings and bracelets, couples slapped purple paint onto the family car and parents dragged children into school a few hours late, explaining they had stayed up late for the Super Bowl.”

SMASH: And grab (and smile for the camera), per ARLnow, “The Arlington County Police Department has released surveillance footage of (Monday’s) smash-and-grab robbery at the Zales jewelry store in the Pentagon City mall. The video shows four men entering the store, their faces covered by hoods and masks. They then use hammers to smash a glass jewelry case, quickly grab the merchandise, and flee the store. Police say the men made a clean getaway with 27 rings worth $128,000.”

WILD WINDS: And how to tame them, per the Washington Times, “Maryland lawmakers appear poised to pass an offshore wind energy bill in this year’s General Assembly, after balking at similar proposals in the last two years by Gov. Martin O'Malley. The House Economic Matters Committee will hear testimony Tuesday on the bill, but most legislators appear to have their minds made up in favor of the plan.”{ }

SPORTS, BRIEFLY: Wizards beat L.A. Clippers 98-90.

NEWSTALK: Among today’s guests (10 a.m., NewsChannel 8) is Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, who will be asked about the impact of potential sequester cuts on federal agencies.

--Skip Wood

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