DAYBREAK DAILY: They didn't inhale, or even puff

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THEY DIDN’T INHALE: Or snort, or inject, or whatever, per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Virginia’s nominees for governor, Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli, say they have never used illegal drugs. The Richmond Times-Dispatch canvassed the statewide candidates on Thursday, a day after E.W. Jackson, the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor, held a news conference in Manassas, in which he discussed his past drug use.

“This shouldn’t be an issue in the race, but Terry hasn’t ever used any illegal drugs,” said Josh Schwerin, a spokesman for McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee. Asked whether Republican nominee Cuccinelli has ever used illegal drugs, campaign spokeswoman Anna Nix emailed a succinct “no.” Both of the nominees for attorney general said they had tried marijuana in their youth.”

NOVA ABORTION CLINIC SHOWS SPINE: Of demands on both sides, per the Virginian-Pilot, “A Northern Virginia abortion clinic is fighting back against strict new building standards that clinics must meet for state licensure, requirements that played a role in a Norfolk facility's closing recently. The Falls Church Healthcare Center this week filed a grievance in Arlington County Circuit Court over regulations that apply to clinics where at least five first-trimester abortions are performed monthly.

“It is the first legal action by a Virginia clinic since the nearly concluded regulatory process began in 2011. In court papers, the clinic asks that the rules be invalidated because they "lack of any rational medical or public health basis" and result from a "legally flawed process" that failed to consider the effect on small businesses.”

SITUATION SYRIA: U.S. makes a decision, per the New York Times, “The Obama administration, concluding that the troops of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria have used chemical weapons against rebel forces in his country’s civil war, has decided to begin supplying the rebels for the first time with small arms and ammunition, according to American officials.

“The officials held out the possibility that the assistance, coordinated by the Central Intelligence Agency, could include antitank weapons, but they said that for now supplying the antiaircraft weapons that rebel commanders have said they sorely need is not under consideration.”

ANOTHER D.C. GUILY PLEA: Who saw this coming?, per the Washington Post, “A former employee of the D.C. businessman at the center of a sweeping political corruption investigation was charged Thursday with violating campaign finance laws. Federal prosecutors accused Lee A. Calhoun — a frequent contributor to District, Maryland and federal campaigns — of hiding the source of campaign contributions made by his former longtime boss, Jeffrey E. Thompson.

“Thompson is the alleged financier of a secret effort to back the mayoral campaign of Vincent C. Gray (D) as well as “straw donor” schemes such as the one Calhoun is said to have participated in. Calhoun’s attorney, Edward B. MacMahon, said his client would plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge, which carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison.”

HAIR: The crime, not the musical, per the Baltimore Sun, “It's dyeable. It's bleachable. And it's highly sought after by thieves targeting shops in the Baltimore area and around the country. Unprocessed human hair— prized for providing women with long, flowing, natural-looking locks — has been swiped from half a dozen area beauty supply stores. The high-end hair, often sewn or glued in place to add length or volume, costs nearly $200 a bundle.

“Such steep prices have made the fashionable locks desirable among thieves, much like Nike Air Jordan Concords and Helly Hansen jackets. And stylists say the same products they sell in stores are being hawked on the black market.”

FIRES GONE WILD: And deadly, per the Denver Post, “On a day when firefighters could finally match the might of the devastating Black Forest fire, they also made the grimmest discovery yet in its ashes. A somber El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said at a news conference late Thursday afternoon that firefighters found the bodies of two people in the fire's rubble. The bodies were discovered in what was the garage of a home that the blaze leveled. They were next to a car with its doors open. The car's trunk was packed full of belongings.

“. . . The news of the deaths puts tragic punctuation on what is now Colorado's most destructive wildfire ever. At least 360 homes have been destroyed in the fire since it began Tuesday afternoon, Maketa said. Last summer's Waldo Canyon fire — which burned just about a dozen miles southwest of the Black Forest fire — destroyed 347 homes.”

BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING: Of missteps, per the Boston Globe, “FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III conceded on Thursday that a lack of formal communication within the agency prevented investigators from alerting Russian authorities that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had returned to Russia before the Marathon bombing, information that Russians have asserted could have averted the act of terrorism. Mueller also told a congressional panel that the government’s recently revealed surveillance techniques helped spur an investigation of an associate of Tsarnaev, Ibragim Todashev, 27.”

POLITICO PLAY: “Rep. Trent Franks, the Arizona Republican under fire for saying the incidence of pregnancies resulting from rape is “very low,” rallied with social conservatives Thursday night in the Capitol. About 100 of the activists in town for the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference, organized by Ralph Reed, cheered the embattled congressman when he made a surprise, unannounced appearance at a reception in a Senate meeting room.”

GUILTY: Just the facts, per ABC7—WJLA, “A 45-year-old woman accused of killing an elderly Alexandria man who was found dead in his Del Ray home has pleaded guilty Thursday. Marie Johnson, 45, has pleaded guilty to second degree murder in connection with the death of 94-year-old Elmer Roehrs. Roehrs was found slain in his home in February in the 2700 block of Holly Street.”

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST: And pats itself on the back, per the Washington Examiner, “The Washington Examiner ended local news coverage Friday, leaving behind an eight-year legacy of public service and watchdog journalism. Readers will remember the print edition for its aggressive coverage of crime and transportation issues, its local and regional enterprise stories and its dedication to government accountability.”

HERE, KITTY: Whatever, per the Washington Times, “A woman charged with stealing an 8-week-old kitten from a Washington Humane Society adoption center told police she was taking the feline for her kids, according to court documents. “I’ll be honest, I wanted the cat. I had to turn in my dog and my daughters wanted another pet,” Porsha Evans is quoted as telling the officers in documents filed in D.C. Superior Court.”

SPORTS, BRIEFLY: Nationals beat Colorado 5-4; Miami beats San Antonio 109-93 in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

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