DAYBREAK DAILY: Supposedly well-meaning U.S. drone flights worry privacy advocates

ABC7 TRAFFIC: So far so good (with a big qualifier, per the below item). Advice: Leave for work earlier than usual. Check @DaybreakSkip on Twitter for breaking updates. Here’s the traffic-flow man.

TRAFFIC II: AAA Mid-Atlantic says the Washington region will experience even more traffic back-ups than usual as the Pentagon’s BRAC realignment plan gets underway. Travel experts say more than 35,000 defense workers will relocate to a new sites in the area by Friday’s deadline.

GOP DEBATE: Here are the basics, not including a review of the weird, overly dramatic intro by CNN that made the thing come across as an episode of Who Wants to be a Millionare?, per the AP, “Attacked from all sides by fellow Republicans, Texas Gov. Rick Perry softened his rhetoric if not his position on Social Security in a crackling presidential campaign debate Monday night. He fended off assaults on his record creating jobs and requiring the vaccination of schoolgirls against a cancer-causing sexually transmitted virus.”

INDECENT EXPOSURE: Or, per the Post’s online headline for political columnist Dana Milbank’s debate take: The frontrunner has no clothes. “Perry licked his lips. He looked at the ceiling. He blinked so rapidly his eyes could have been sending a coded S.O.S. signal. For a guy who apparently thought he could bluff and bully his way to the nomination, this was much-needed comeuppance.”

MEANWHILE: President Obama sent his ballyhooed jobs bill to Congress, again urging its quick approval. “But just two hours after Mr. Obama, flanked by firefighters, construction workers and teachers in the Rose Garden, waved a copy of the jobs plan and issued his call for bipartisanship,” per the New York Times, “Republicans took aim at the White House plan to pay for the jobs initiative through tax increases on more affluent Americans, most of them tax increases previously rejected by lawmakers.”

ARE WE BEING WATCHED?: Hmmmm. Per the L.A. Times, “In recent months, the unmanned spy craft have helped state and local authorities fight fires, survey weather damage and inspect dams and levees (but) privacy watchdogs are uneasy.”

HE SAID, THEY SAID: He is former D.C. mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown. They are the D.C. cops. And the Post studies the arrest report of the former. “Best part: “Sergeant Boteler advised Defendant (Brown) that he was being placed under arrest for No DC permit and Failure to Obey a Lawful Order. Defendant (Brown) replied by stating Thats OK, you all know who I am, Ill have each and every one of you on the news by next week!”

IT’S OFFICIAL: Redskins owner Dan Snyder drops his defamation lawsuit against the City Paper, both sides claim a measure of vindication in official statements and. . .and. . .sigh.

THEY LIKE ARLINGTON TOO: Per ARLnow, “On a fishing expedition to the Roaches Run Waterfowl Sanctuary, located between Crystal City and the GW Parkway, local fly fishing guide Rob Snowhite made a surprising discovery: a group of wild chickens that has apparently taken residence in the sanctuary.”

READER COMMENT: About WJLA.COM’s story about the D.C. police union’s chief questioning the wisdom of Police chief Cathy Lanier calling for extra manpower, and subsequent overtime, in light of security threats surrounding the anniversary of 9-11, M.E. wrote, “Um, excuse me, but I'm with Chief Lanier. Better safe than sorry.”

SPORTS STROLL: Nats beat Mets in New York 3-2. . .Djokovic holds off Nadal for U.S. Open men’s title.

POLITICO BLINK: “NEW YORK — Democrats here are bracing for what was long thought to be unthinkable: a loss.With polls showing Democrat David Weprin trailing Republican Bob Turner in Tuesday’s special election for the seat of former Rep. Anthony Weiner, an air of desperation swept over party officials as they race to lock up support in a contest that appeared to be slipping beyond their reach.”

OBX UPDATE: The playground for many D.C.-area residents is nowhere close to full recovery from the effects of Hurricane Irene, especially spots in Rodanthe and Hatteras, per the Virginian-Pilot, “Both sides of N.C. 12 are lined with mounds of debris – couches, chairs, computer monitors, televisions, toys, carpets, insulation, broken boards and the remnants of decks and docks and boats.”

GRILLED GRAY: Today’s guest on NewsTalk is none other than D.C. Mayor Vince Gray (10 a.m., NewsChannel 8), who will be asked about the post-earthquake gridlock, attacks on transgendered persons, the administration’s hiring woes, internet gambling and more.

ABC WEATHER: Lots of sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures in the mid to upper 80s.

--Skip Wood

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