DAYBREAK DAILY: School before Labor Day? Va. again says no

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NOPE, NOT GONNA HAPPEN: So keep those beach reservations, per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “A perennial bill that would have allowed local school divisions to start classes before the Labor Day holiday again failed in a Virginia Senate committee. The vote on Senate Bill 1099, sponsored by Sen. Ralph K. Smith, R-Botetourt – which would allow school divisions to set their schedule without seeking a waiver from the state Board of Education -- was even more lopsided this year than in previous years, mustering only four votes on the 15-member Senate Education and Health committee.”

RICHMOND, WE HAVE A PROBLEM: Of red eyes and blue toes, per POLITICO, “As GOP leaders in Washington look to remake their national brand, they don’t have to look far to find their first real challenge. It’s taming rogue Republicans right across the Potomac.”

MINING FOR VOTES: But this well is dry, per the Virginian-Pilot, “Proponents of uranium mining in Virginia will have to wait to make their case after the primary Senate bill to move toward permitting it was stricken by its patron in committee Thursday afternoon. Expressing regret, Sen. John Watkins told the Senate Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee and the audience at its crowded hearing he was quashing his bill to lift a 31-year mining ban.”

DIRTY WORD: Oh, the dreaded “amnesty,” per the Washington Post, “Rising tensions over whether to give illegal immigrants a chance to pursue full citizenship could ruin what President Obama and congressional leaders agree is a pivotal moment in resolving long-simmering problems in the country’s immigration system.”

GRUDGE MATCH: And old{ }scores to settle, per the New York Times, “Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s nominee to be secretary of defense, faced sharp and sometimes angry questioning from fellow Republicans — especially his old friend Senator John McCain — at a contentious confirmation hearing on Thursday that focused on his past statements on Iran, the influence of pro-Israel organizations in Washington and the Iraq war.”

DEAD-TREE COVER: And it’s a good one, per City Paper, “(Loose Lip’s) story on the Metropolitan Police Department's troubles with internal discipline is on the cover of this week's dead-tree edition of Washington City Paper. One of the topics explored is the random, arbitrary, and sometimes petty nature of police discipline. LL didn't have enough room in his story to fully unpack one anecdote, which involves the department trying to punish a cop because she gave a colleague the middle finger while quoting a line from The Breakfast Club, that illustrates this phenomenon almost perfectly.”

OF THE WORKING SICK: And “impossible choices”, per the Baltimore Sun, “Workers in Maryland would be guaranteed seven paid sick days a year under a bill introduced Thursday in Annapolis, eliminating what advocates say is an "impossible choice" that thousands of mostly low-wage employees are forced to make between preserving their health or their jobs. "Folks are now in a place where they have to make these impossible choices," said Del. John A. Olszewski Jr., a Baltimore County Democrat and sponsor, noting that for many people, three unpaid sick days can equal a month's worth of groceries.”

FREEWAY TO NOWHERE: At least for the time being, per ABC7 News – WJLA, “D.C. commuters will have to get used to a big change on a major road. Thursday night police and work crews shut down a portion of the Southeast Freeway. The move is part of a giant project that, among other things, involves new links between 295 and the Southeast Freeway.”

OF TOLLZZZZZZ: Grover would approve, per the Washington Examiner, “Virginia's utility watchdog has promised an investigation into the toll rates on the Dulles Greenway. The price for riding the privately owned, 14-mile road west of Washington Dulles International Airport is too high, said Del. David Ramadan, a Republican who represents parts of Loudoun and Prince William counties and who requested the investigation.”

SADLY STRANGE: And a person is dead, per the Washington Times, “Two brothers are being charged in connection with a fatal December shootout in Southeast D.C. that was triggered after one of the men was kidnapped while trying to pay a ransom for the other. . . Late Thursday, Metropolitan Police Department officials arrested Tony Brown, 21, and his brother James Brown, 23, in connection with the case. Only James Brown was charged with Rivers‘ killing,”

SPORTS, BRIEFLY: Caps lose 3-2 against Toronto.

--Skip Wood

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