DAYBREAK DAILY: Rare interviews reveal much about a grieving Jackie Kennedy

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AND THE RICH GET RICHER: A tale of capital gains, per the Post, “For the very richest Americans, low tax rates on capital gains are better than any Christmas gift. As a result of a pair of rate cuts, first under President Bill Clinton and then under Bush, most of the richest Americans pay lower overall tax rates than middle-class Americans do. And this is one reason the gap between the wealthy and the rest of the country is widening dramatically. “

FASCINATING READ: Candid rhetoric from a young Jacqueline Kennedy, per the New York Times, “The seven-part interview conducted in early 1964 — one of only three that Mrs. Kennedy gave after Mr. Kennedy’s assassination — is being published by Hyperion as a book ("Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy") and an audio recording. . . The transcript and recording, obtained by The New York Times, offer an extraordinary immersion in the thoughts and feelings of one of the most enigmatic figures of the second half of the 20th century."

AN ANNIVERSARY TO REMEMBER: Per the Post, The nation marked a decade since the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history with official ceremonies and private tributes Sunday to the thousands who perished inside — or protecting — the symbols of American power on Sept. 11, 2001.”

A HOLE IN THE JOBS PLAN: Per the L.A. Times, “President Obama's new jobs-creation plan all but ignores what many economists see as the single biggest problem in the stalling economy: the continuing depression in the housing market.”

SPORTS STROLL: Redskins begin work with 28-14 home win against Giants. . .Strasburg up and down in Nats’ 8-2 win against Astros. . .Stosur tops Serena Williams for U.S. Open women’s crown.{ }

{ }D.C.’S BIG GAMBLE: It’s bound to invite thiervery, per an opinion piece in the Washington Times, “D.C. officials are deceiving themselves — and you — if they think the government will be able to outwit larcenous-hearted thieves once its online gambling program is up and running.”

STILL CLEANING UP: Per the Post, “The Prince George’s County’s Administration Building in Upper Marlboro will be closed to the public Monday while officials try to clean up ground-floor damage from last week’s flooding, which brought up to two feet of water into some parts of the facility. The county government is expected to operate fully from other office space, spokesman Scott Peterson said.”

POLITICO BLINK: “Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s humble origins and down home straight talk are central to his political identity, but for years Perry has enjoyed lavish perks and travel – mostly funded by a group of deep-pocketed supporters – that are allowed under his state’s lax ethics and campaign rules. Some of the same Texas donors who have funded Perry’s political rise also have footed the bills for Perry and his family to jet around the world, stay in luxury hotels and resorts, vacation in tony Colorado ski towns, attend all manner of sporting events and concerts, and to maintain, entertain – and even pay the cable bill – at the 4,600-square-foot mansion with a heated pool that taxpayers are renting him at a cost of about $10,000 a month.”

HIGH AIRLINE SCRUTINY: While the FBI continues its investigation into a plot potentially targeting New York City and Washington, a number of planes were detained or intercepted on the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks after passengers reported suspicious behavior.{ }

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