DAYBREAK DAILY: Of raging rivers, spreading fires and a stunning Open withdrawl

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BREAKING: D.C. police are investigating a stabbing in Southeast. Police say a man was stabbed at Benning Road and G Street around 11:40 p.m. Wednesday. He was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital, and is expected to survive.

THEATRE OF THE ABSURD: So President Obama requests a joint-session gathering Sept. 7 for his long-awaited jobs speech but the GOP balks, saying because that’s the first day back from Congress, other matters (such as the latest GOP presidential debate) need to be addressed first and more or less demands the speech be pushed back a day. The White House refuses but late Wednesday night has a change of heart and agrees to the postponement. So now the prime-time speech is Sept. 8, which, as it happens, will go up against the NFL’s season-opening game between the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints.

SO, LATE-BREAKING PUNDITRY: Per the Post’s Stephen Stromberg, “Historians of Congress will forever have to note that at least once, in 2011, a speaker of the House rejected a presidential request to address a joint session of Congress.”

TOLL FROM RAGING RIVERS: In the Northeast, general chaos from the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, per the AP, “Even as rivers finally stopped rising in Vermont, New Jersey, and Connecticut, many communities and farm areas remained flooded, and officials said complete damage estimates were nowhere in sight.”

TOLL FROM RAGING WILDFIRES: In the Southwest, general chaos from fast-moving flames, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, “Known as the 101 Ranch fire, it scorched at least 6,200 acres and destroyed 39 homes and nine recreational vehicles, according to the Forest Service.”

STORY WITH LEGS: Per DCist, “The Stadium Club plot thickens: a co-owner of the strip club -- which was allegedly built in part with city grant money meant to help house people with HIV/AIDS -- was one of the largest donors to Team Thomas, the under-investigation nonprofit run by Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas, Jr.”

NO ROOM AT THE INN: Or anywhere, for that matter, per ARLnow, “First they were forced to flee their (Arlington) apartments as the ground around it slid into a huge construction pit. Then they were told that the money to pay for their hotel rooms was being cut off. Now, about 30 residents of the Swansen Apartments, at 1625 N. Ode Street in Ft. Myer Heights, are being evicted from the still-condemned apartment building, as a three-way legal battle brews.”

DISTURBINGLY TRAGIC: Per the Examiner, “An 18-year-old female died after she was struck by a Red Line train Wednesday morning, in what officials said was the latest of a rash of suicide attempts on the Metro system in recent years.”

WE’RE NO. 1!: For the third consecutive year, a report has named drivers in the D.C. region the worst in the country. This according to Allstate's seventh annual America's Safest Drivers Report.

SPORTS STROLL: Nats lose 3-1 in Atlanta. . .Venus William shocks tennis world by withdrawing from U.S. Open because of autoimmune disorder. . .Texas A&M wants to leave Big 12. . .Redskins host Buccaneers tonight.{ }

POLITICO BLINK: Per Mike Allen, “His last campaign is an unyielding defense of his legacy, after years of reveling in what he calls his “Darth Vader image.” Dick Cheney says he knew critics and historians would tear apart his new book, but that he wrote it so his seven grandchildren would know why he did what he did. “Not only do [critics] want apologies,” he told POLITICO during an interview in the airy living room of his McLean mansion, with a statuette of a buffalo nearby and a couple of dogs underfoot. “They want the apologies to be on matters they disagreed with you on — on policy.”

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?: Per the Post, “The Justice Department on Wednesday sued to block AT&T’s $39 billion pursuit of T-Mobile, saying the deal would leave consumers with fewer choices and higher bills for mobile phone service that has become “indispensable” to the way Americans live and do business. AT&T immediately vowed to challenge the lawsuit, setting the stage for the most significant antitrust battle of the Obama administration.”

ABC7 WEATHER: Expect a few more clouds with highs in the mid 80s.

--Skip Wood