DAYBREAK DAILY: Obama has a plan; Whole lotta Metro OT pay

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BREAKING: Authorities have arrested two people in connection with the shooting death of 19-year-old Osman Al-Akbar. Police found Al-Akbar suffering from multiple gunshot wounds in the 2600 block of University Place in Northwest shortly after 1:39 a.m. Wednesday.

ONLY HE HAD MOTIVE: So they say. New details have emerged from prosecutors about Albrecht Muth, charged Wednesday with second-degree murder in the death of Viola Drath, his 91-year-old socialite wife. A police affidavit also says Muth's DNA was found at the scene, and that Drath's signature was forged on a letter Muth presented to Drath's relatives stating that Muth was entitled to $150,000 if Drath were to die. ABC7’s Kris Van Cleave provides exhaustive background.

FINALLY: Hundreds of people have returned to their homes after a fire in the broiler room of an apartment building prompted evacuations in Silver Spring Wednesday night.

OBAMA PLAN REVEALED: With specifics! President Obama will get even more specific with a major address right after Labor Day. For now, per the Post, “The president is thinking about proposing tax cuts for companies that hire workers, new spending for roads and construction, and other measures that would target the long-term unemployed, according to administration officials and other people familiar with the matter. Some ideas, such as providing mortgage relief for struggling homeowners, could come through executive action.”

SHOCKER: And with it, Al Gore sadly shakes his head. Per the AP, “GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry told New Hampshire voters Wednesday that he does not believe in manmade global warming, calling it a scientific theory that has not been proven.”

TSA SNEAKS: No, really, I’m your buddy. Per the L.A. Times, “For the next two months at Logan International Airport in Boston, passengers will be casually greeted by Transportation Security Administration officials. But the officers aren't there for a friendly "hello" — they're trying to deter and detect passengers who pose a risk to aviation security.”

VERBAL CRACKDOWN: Some believe this is long overdue. Per the AP, “U.S. officials say the Obama administration is ready to make an explicit call for Syrian President Bashar Assad to leave power and has notified Arab and European allies that an announcement is imminent.”

VINDICATION: Ron Moten and Jauhar Abraham, candidates in Ward 7 and Ward 8 respectively, have been cleared by the D.C. Auditor of any egregious violations, according to a new audit of their anti-youth violence organization Peaceoholics. The City Paper obtained the report, and concludes it “finds plenty of minor faults with the Peacoholics operation (but) there's nothing sexy in the report that would indicate that Moten or Abraham were stealing city money or doing anything unethical.”

WHAT’S MINE IS YOURS: Va. Guv senses opportunity. Per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Gov. Bob McDonnell's political action committee has donated at least $50,000 each to four Republican state Senate candidates who are trying to oust Democratic incumbents. Republicans need a net gain of two seats in November to take over the state Senate.”

SPORTS STROLL: Nats’ bats quiet in 2-1 loss to Reds. . .Strasburg gives up five runs in short rehab stint. . .Lynx visit Mystics tonight.

TROUBLES FOR THE U: Send lawyers, guns and money. Per USA today, “Might the NCAA give University of Miami football the "death penalty"? That long-dormant question arose anew Wednesday, a day after Yahoo Sports reported that Nevin Shapiro, a convicted Ponzi schemer and ex-Miami booster, said he showered Hurricanes players with money, gifts and sex parties for eight years.”

POLITICO BLINK: “The 2012 GOP presi

dential field isn’t even settled yet but already speculation about the eventual nominee’s running mate is beginning to pick up. Mitt Romney recently brought the vice presidential sweepstakes into hazy focus by revealing three names on his short list—Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. McDonnell has conceded he’s “very interested.”

FOR “A LITTLE MONEY”: That’s what 15-year-old William Fitts gave as a reason for admittedly killing 92-year-old neighbor Thelma Steele. Others neighbors continue to reel about the situation.

OVERTIME PAYS: Today’s fine Examiner’s cover story can be debated on any number of levels. “More than 300 Metro employees boosted their paychecks by $40,000 or more working overtime last year, with four raking in more than $100,000 extra. One Metro police officer earning $69,559 in salary was able to take home just over $201,000 last year by working regular overtime and doubletime, according to a Washington Examiner analysis of data.”

MORE THE MERRIER? Hmmm. Per the Post, “The recession pushed more people in the Washington area into living with relatives and friends, according to new census figures showing a sharp rise in families who have taken in adult children, siblings, parents and roommates.”

ABC7 WEATHER: Expect clouds and some sunshine with a 50 percent chance of some hit- or-miss thundershowers. This pattern will replay again tomorrow with similar conditions. Both days feature highs in the upper 80s.{ }

--Skip Wood