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MARYLAND’S FISCAL PLAN: Nothing drastic, per the Baltimore Sun, “Gov. Martin O'Malley released a $37 billion spending plan Wednesday that for the first time in recent years contains no dramatic cuts or proposed tax increases. Amid a stronger economy, O'Malley also boosted the pay for state workers, expanded tax credits for some high-tech industries and set aside more money to clean up the Chesapeake Bay.”

VIRGINIA’S VOTE: Relief considered but rebuffed, per the Virginian-Pilot, “(Virginia) lawmakers continue looking for ways to increase access to the polls in the wake of long lines endured by voters in the November election, but they are running into economic obstacles. A proposal to keep the polls open an additional hour – from 7 to 8 p.m. – failed to get traction Wednesday in a House of Delegates subcommittee after several registrars warned that it would take additional staffing and, therefore, more money.”

GUNS: Just the facts, per the New York Times, “President Obama called upon Congress on Wednesday to toughen America’s gun laws to confront mass shootings and everyday gun violence, betting that public opinion has shifted enough to support the broadest push for gun control in a generation. At a White House event at noon, Mr. Obama announced plans to introduce legislation by next week that includes a ban on new assault weapons, limits on high-capacity magazines, expanded background checks for gun purchases and tougher gun trafficking laws to crack down on the spread of weapons across the country.”

HOWEVER: Caculated opposition awaits, per the Washington Post, “There was no indication on Wednesday that the mood on Capitol Hill has changed much. Within hours of Obama’s formal policy rollout at the White House, Republicans who had previously said they were open to a discussion about gun violence condemned his agenda as violating the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. “I’m confident there will be bipartisan opposition to his proposal,” Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) said in a statement.”

MEANWHILE: Virginia Tech’s mass killings again in the spotlight, per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Vice President Joe Biden today recalled his discussions with Virginia Tech shooting survivor Colin Goddard and promised that the administration would take action to curb gun violence. The vice president's remarks came before he introduced President Barack Obama for the announcement on the gun violence prevention proposals that came after a study and series of meetings led by Biden. Among those who met with Biden was Goddard, who works for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.”

AND THIS: Of Sandy Hook, per the Hartford Courant, Newtown schools Superintendent Janet Robinson on Wednesday told U.S. House Democratic leaders about the horrors of the Dec. 14 shooting and ended by sharing a fourth-grader's letter to House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi asking for a change in gun laws. "What everyone in Newtown wants is for you to ban semiautomatic weapons and large-capacity magazines and to make everyone use guns safely," Robinson said, reading from the letter. "This is important so that a person cannot shoot many people at once, and/or injure people badly. Semiautomatic weapons and large-capacity magazines put lives at risk."

SOUNDS SO EASY: But when is Virginia transportation easy?, per the Washington Examiner, “A Northern Virginia lawmaker is proposing a complex tax plan to fund transportation projects that he said could finally break the decadelong logjam in the General Assembly over how to pay for new roads. Del. Dave Albo, R-Springfield, said his proposal could net the state $1.2 billion a year by raising taxes on gasoline, restaurant meals, hotel stays and out-of-state corporations working in Virginia.”

POLITICO PLAY: “President Barack Obama plans to name Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough as his next chief of staff, a Democratic source briefed on the plans tells POLITICO. McDonough would replace Jack Lew, whom Obama nominated to be his new Treasury secretary. By selecting McDonough, Obama is opting for the familiar: a trusted aide who’s been at his side since the 2008 campaign and is credited with keeping the administration’s internal wheels turning smoothly on foreign policy issues.”

IN YOUR FACE: Rather, POTUS’s face, per the Washington Times, “Abortion, drone strikes, guns, military spending, unemployment — demonstrators highlighting these issues and more are expected for President Obama’s inaugural parade, though perhaps the most visible of the planned protests will be made by D.C. government officials outside city hall. Officials Wednesday showed off a banner championing D.C. voting rights that will hang on the enclosed viewing stand outside the John A. Wilson Building.”

GROUNDED: Really big planes, per the Los Angeles Times, “U.S. regulators grounded all Boeing 787 Dreamliner jetliners Wednesday after a series of recent incidents raised concerns about the aircrafts’ safety. The Federal Aviation Administration issued an “emergency airworthiness directive” that required all Dreamliners to “temporarily cease operations.” Regulators cited an an issue with a lithium ion battery that forced one of the planes to make an emergency landing in Japan on Wednesday.”

KERRY TIME: No hammers expected, per the Boston Globe, “U.S. Senator John F. Kerry will appear before fellow members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at 10 a.m. Jan. 24 for his confirmation hearing to serve as secretary of state, according to a Senate aide. The hearing will be chaired by Senator Robert Menendez, the New Jersey Democrat who is expected to become committee chairman upon Kerry’s elevation to President Obama’s cabinet and his subsequent resignation from the Senate.”

ZERO TOLERANCE: But hey, come on, per ABC7 – WJLA, “In a story Only On 7, a Manassas Park family is outraged tonight after, they say, their teenage son was suspended for accidentally bringing penicillin to school. "It's a drug offense, and it's on his record," says Erica Moore about her the suspension of her son Malcom Moore. "I'm a little nervous, because I'm planning to go to college, I don't want that to show up," says Malcom.”

HEADLINE SAYS IT ALL: So here it is, per Deadspin, “Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend, The Most Heartbreaking And Inspirational Story Of The College Football Season, Is A Hoax”

OF RAY’S HELL BURGER: The joint made famous by POTUS is in a strange closing deal, per ARLnow, “The closure is the result of a landlord-tenant dispute between restaurateur Michael Landrum and his landlord, the historic Colonial Village Shopping Center. Court records show that Landrum filed a lawsuit against the shopping center on Nov. 16. (Earlier this week), the shopping center locked Landrum and his staff out of both storefronts.”

A LINE IS CROSSED: Again, per City Paper, “What is it with the Washington Post's bureau chiefs and lifting copy? Just months after the paper's India bureau chief admitted to paraphrasing quotes from an Indian magazine, William Booth, the Post's bureau chief for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, admitted this afternoon that a story the Post published Sunday contained plagiarized material.”

GOOD READ: And here’s the lead, per DCist, “There are many fine establishments mentioned on DCist's list of the "Best Dive Bars in D.C." But do any of them truly qualify as dives in the literal sense? Well, that’s the wrong question to ponder. To argue whether a tavern meets the description of a “dive” is not worthwhile. In fact, the very premise has been trampled, hectored, and badgered so incessantly, that to be a “dive” is no longer a natural state, but a commercial aesthetic.”

UM, OK: Can’t wait to see the bowling team shirts, per the Georgetown Patch, “The Georgetown Park Mall is one big step closer to having a Pinstripes Bowling Alley after the Board of Zoning Adjustment unanimously approved a special exception application. Pinstripes, a bowling alley cum bocce courts, restaurant and private event facility, will make Georgetown its first location in the DC area.”

NEWSTALK: Among today’s guests (10 a.m., NewsChannel 8) is D.C. Mayor Vince Gray, who will be asked about President Obama's gun-control proposals, the upcoming inauguration, the White House decision to use the city's tax-message license tags, the chancellor's schools consolidation plan and more.

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