DAYBREAK DAILY: National organization takes U.Va. to task

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THE UVA SAGA: Keeps on keeping on, per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “A “headstrong rector” sought to remove a president who failed to conform to her image of “bold academic captaincy,” resulting in a yet-unresolved leadership crisis at the University of Virginia, says a report released by the American Association of University Professors. The AAUP report concludes that U.Va.’s accrediting agency was correct to place the university on warning, and it backs the faculty senate’s decision not to lift its no-confidence vote against the board of visitors after the reinstatement of President Teresa Sullivan.{ }

“The report says neither Rector Helen Dragas nor the board followed theevaluation process adopted seven months prior to their effort to remove Sullivan without a vote.”

POPE FRANCIS: A lot of firsts, per the Washington Post, “In a country where one in 10 is a former Catholic, the election Wednesday of such an unprecedented pope pumped immediate energy into the American church. Most Catholics hadn’t heard Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s name on any short-lists and knew little of him, but they got the symbolism right away. And loved it. First Latin American pope. First Jesuit, an order known for engaging the world, not blockading it. First pope to take the name Francis, Catholic shorthand for simplicity and humility.”

MEANWHILE: To what end?, per the New York Times, “By choosing the first pope from the New World, the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church sent a strong message of change: that the future of the church lies in the global south, and that a scholar with a common touch may be its best choice to inspire the faithful. But it was not yet clear whether that mandate will extend to the Vatican.”

POLITICO PLAY: “Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie are two of the Republican Party’s big success stories: popular East Coast governors who have enacted conservative policies in states that President Barack Obama won twice. Elected together in 2009, the pair formed an advance guard for the 2010 Republican revolution. And during the Conservative Political Action Conference this week, both governors find themselves on the political ash heap.”

MARYLAND AND THE DEATH PENALTY: Abolition moves forward, per the Baltimore Sun, “The House of Delegates moved closer to abolishing Maryland's death penalty Wednesday night as it rejected changes that attempted to turn Gov. Martin O'Malley's bill into something less than full repeal. In the first of several key tests, delegates voted 77-61 to reject an amendment that would allow capital punishment for inmates already incarcerated for murder who kill again.”

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE (BLANK)?: It was stolen, per ABC7 – WJLA, “New home construction in Prince George's County has become another target for thieves. Police say they've struck at least 25 times, in several neighborhoods, since December. The suspects are entering unoccupied homes, still under construction and stealing newly installed appliances. But thanks to surveillance cameras, police are closing in on the suspects.”

SPORTS, BRIEFLY: Wizards beat Milwaukee 106-93.

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