DAYBREAK DAILY: Motorcycle mahem on tap, Town-Hall meetings change tone

ABC7 TRAFFIC: Slick roads for the morning commute, after which the 9-11 motorcycle parade will complicate traffic considerably in the afternoon, especially I66 E and then the District. For the weekend, Metro’s red lines will be under repair. Here’s the traffic flow map:

ABC7 WEEKEND WEATHER: Warm, humid and unsettled weather will be with us for the next few days. Small atmospheric disturbances will contribute to the daily chances of showers and thunderstorms each afternoon and evening. By Sunday, as a cold front approaches, showers and thunderstorms may become more widespread.

BREAKING: Two drivers were killed when their cars collided head-on in Lothian, Md. Anne Arundel Police say Robert Leslie Lynch, of Annapolis, and Angela Astin, from Chesapeake Beach, died in the fatal crash Thursday night at Solomon’s Island Road and Solitude Court.

REALLY GOOD READ: City Paper looks at the state of D.C. prep sports and one man, the honorable Eddie Saah, who has a plan to improve them. “Saah has spent his life playing, coaching, and administrating sports here. He knows that without sports some portion of the student body would stop going to school altogether. In his estimation, it’s “10 times harder to find a good coach” than a good teacher.”

REALLY NOT-SO-GOOD READ: Today begins on a financially sour note that dovetails with yesterday’s Wall Street sell-off (Dow closed down 419 points) and new unemployment figures. “Asian stock markets were sharply lower Friday amid signs of a possible U.S. recession and renewed worries over the health of Europe's banks.”

WELL NOW: Seems those town-hall meetings that helped fuel the Tea Party’s rise have taken a decidedly different tone. Per the Post, “It is a scene that has been repeated at town hall meetings across the country this August as Democrats make a concerted effort to use this month’s congressional recess to change a national narrative on taxes.”

MEANWHILE: President Obama begins his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. Make that a “working vacation.” Per the Boston Globe, “Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters aboard Air Force One that the president would frequently meet with economic advisers to discuss possible options on the foundering economy.”

AND THEN THERE’S SYRIA: Political columnist Eugene Robinson likes the tough talk but also sees it for what it is – talk. “The call for Assad to go, then, appears more symbolic than substantive. You can’t call it pure theater, since it does put additional pressure on the regime and lays the groundwork for further sanctions. But if everyone knows that Assad won’t leave — and that we won’t make him — the demand from the White House sounds like an extremely tardy statement of the obvious.”

NOT SO FAST: Sure, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was quite pleased to announce a $544.8 million budget surplus, but detractors are quick to pounce. Per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “The liberal group Progress VA criticized the governor's surplus pronouncement, saying "accounting gimmicks and conservative revenue projections won't solve the state's true fiscal problems. "This 'surplus' is the result of heavy borrowing, substantial cuts to services, federal stimulus, creative accounting, and not paying our bills," said the group's executive director, Anna Scholl. David Mills, executive director of the Democratic Party of Virginia, said: "McDonnell's self-congratulation over his 'surplus' is similar to a family refusing to pay their mortgage for a year and then celebrating the balance in their savings account."

ARUBA SEARCH ON HOLD: Aruba has postponed until early next week a search for the remains of missing Bethesd tourist Robyn Gardner. Solicitor General Taco Stein says authorities need more time to prepare for the large-scale operation on the Dutch Caribbean island. It had been expected by the end of this week.

IT’S STATE SANCTIONED: So there you go. Per the AP, “A Virginia man who raped and suffocated an 88-year-old widow has become the state's first inmate executed using a revised, three-drug cocktail. Jerry Terrell Jackson, 30, was pronounced dead at 9:14 p.m. Thursday at Greensville Correctional Center.”

SPORTS STROLL: Unlikely hero – Jesus Flores – leads Nats past Reds 3-1. . .Redskins visit Colts tonight with Beck under center. . .Mystics routed 81-62 against Minnesota. . .United plays Chicago to 1-1 tie.

POST-BRAWL ANALYSIS: Sally Jenkins’ thoughts on the Hoyas’ China throwdown. “It’s one thing to have a bench-clearing brawl between New York and Detroit, or Duke and Maryland. It’s quite another to have one in China. The stakes are simply higher, especially this week with Vice President Joe Biden visiting the country to discuss tensions between the two biggest economies in the world.”

POLITICO BLINK: “Cut the cowboy talk. That’s the message congressional Republicans facing the prospect of sharing a ballot next year with Rick Perry have for the newest GOP presidential candidate. In a series of interviews, uncommitted Republican members praised the Texas governor’s economic record but called his suggestion that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is guilty of treason a serious misstep and said that kind of inflammatory talk could scare off swing voters.”

FOR THE WEEKEND: Inasmuch that it’s D.C.’s Beer Week, DCist has you covered.

--Skip Wood