DAYBREAK DAILY: McAuliffe releases tax returns

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‘GOOD MORNING WASHINGTON’: Among the stories – Continuing coverage of the MPD officer’s murder and the arrest; more on the strange ricin case in which charges were dropped against a Mississippi man; much more, beginning at 4:30 a.m.

TERRY’S TURN: He releases his financial information, per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Terry McAuliffe made roughly $16.5 million between 2009 and 2011 and paid almost $4 million in taxes, according to federal tax summaries the Democratic gubernatorial candidate provided Tuesday evening. McAuliffe had adjusted gross income of more than $6.5 million in 2009, more than $1.8 million in 2010 and nearly $8.2 million in 2011. He listed no salary in 2009, but listed a salary of $125,000 in 2010 and $500,000 in 2011.

“McAuliffe, a McLean businessman, released the tax information following days of criticism from Republican rival Ken Cuccinelli, the attorney general who last week presented eight years of complete tax returns for review by media outlets.”

BOSTON MARATHON BOMBINGS: And the FBI’s role, per the Boston Globe, “Russian authorities contacted the US government with concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev not once but “multiple’’ times, including an alert it sent after he was first investigated by FBI agents in Boston, raising new questions about whether the FBI should have paid more attention to the suspected Boston Marathon bomber, US senators briefed on the investigation said Tuesday. The FBI has previously said it interviewed Tsarnaev in early 2011 after it was initially contacted by the ¬Russians. In their review, completed in summer 2011, the bureau found no ¬evidence that Tsarnaev was a threat.”

MEANWHILE: Of a taker, per the Boston Herald, “Marathon bombings mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev was living on taxpayer-funded state welfare benefits even as he was delving deep into the world of radical anti-American Islamism, the Herald has learned. State officials confirmed last night that Tsarnaev, slain in a raging gun battle with police last Friday, was receiving benefits along with his wife, Katherine Russell Tsarnaev, and their 3-year-old daughter.”

ANITA BONDS: We have a winner, per the Washington Post, “Incumbent Anita Bonds held on to to her D.C. Council seat Tuesday after fending off five challengers in a special election that drew about 10 percent of eligible voters. Bonds led fellow Democrat Elissa Silverman 32 percent to 28 percent in unofficial results late Tuesday. Republican Patrick Mara received 23 percent of the vote.”

RICIN CASE: Never mind, per the New York Times, “Criminal charges were dropped Tuesday against a Mississippi man accused of mailing poisoned letters to President Obama and two other officials. One day after the F.B.I. said it could find no evidence that the man, Paul Kevin Curtis, was behind the plot, a federal judge released him from jail and federal authorities shifted focus to another person of interest in the case.”

MONTGOMERY MONEY: And creative accounting, per the Gazette.Net, “Montgomery County closed $2.7 billion in budget gaps since County Executive Isiah Leggett (D) took office in 2006, in part by implementing what the county called a series of employee cost savings. From fiscal 2010 to 2013, a mix of pay freezes, benefit contributions increases, unpaid furlough days and layoffs saved the county an estimated $469 million. But for about 8,800 county employees, each gave up an average of $30,000.”

POLITICO PLAY: “Here’s another reality check for airline passengers stranded by the sequester: Washington isn’t coming to your rescue anytime soon. Flight delays spread from the New York area to Washington, D.C.; Dallas; and Los Angeles on Tuesday, the third straight day of air-traffic controller furloughs that all sides in the sequester debate consider outrageous — but nobody’s prepared to stop. Instead of easing the pain of the flying public, both parties are scoring political points from an air traffic nightmare that’s only just beginning.”

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COP KILLER: Turns himself in, per ABC7 – WJLA, “Police say the 27-year-old Upper Marlboro man wanted in connection with his stepfather's death is now in police custody. Police say the 27-year-old Upper Marlboro man wanted in connection with his stepfather's death is now in police custody.”

UNREST IN IRAQ: Just the facts, per the Los Angeles Times, “Security forces for the Shiite-led Iraqi government raided a Sunni protest camp in northern Iraq on Tuesday, igniting violence around the country that left at least 36 people dead. The unrest led two Sunni officials to resign from the government and risked pushing the country's Sunni provinces into an open revolt against Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, a Shiite.”

BAG TAX: Haggling over pennies, per the Washington Examiner, “Four County Council members introduced a measure Tuesday that would scale back the Montgomery County bag tax so shoppers would have to pay 5 cents for bags only at grocery stores. The bill would modify the tax to apply only to food stores, defined as any store where food consists of more than 2 percent of revenue. The tax still would apply to non-grocery items being bought in those stores.”

CATHEDRAL REPAIRS: A painstaking task, per the Washington Times, “Stone carver Andy Uhl has had his hands on some of the District’s most famous buildings — the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Folger Theater, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception — but he got his start as an apprentice at the Washington National Cathedral.That’s why, when he stepped out onto the stone behemoth’s central tower two years ago to survey the damage caused by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake, Mr. Uhl took it especially hard.

“. . . Decades after Mr. Uhl started his apprenticeship at the cathedral on Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, he has returned to his roots as part of a small crew of stone carvers and masons tasked with painstakingly restoring and strengthening the church.”

SPORTS, BRIEFLY: Caps’ 5-3 win over Jets secures division title; Nationals lose 3-0 against St. Louis.

NEWSTALK: Among today’s topics (10 a.m., NewsChannel 8) -- North Korea’s threatening behavior and rhetoric unnerves the international community. What’s the country’s young leader up to? We’ll ask the former Director for Asian Affairs at the National Security Council, Victor Cha. Now a professor at Georgetown, Dr. Cha’s new book is called “The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future.”

--Skip Wood