DAYBREAK DAILY: Masters begins today with Tiger the favorite

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GREEN JACKET: Yep, it’s Masters time, per the New York Times, “It is a Masters brimming with epochal change. Augusta National Golf Club has female members at last, and for those understandably in need of definitive proof, there was Condoleezza Rice on Sunday making the rounds during practice in a green jacket.

“This Masters also has its youngest competitor ever: the 14-year-old amateur Guan Tianlang, who comes from China, a country that once banned golf because of its bourgeois overtones. But for all such sociological developments, there is a throwback feel this year with the perennials in bloom and Tiger Woods back atop the list of likely champions, his swagger restored in time for another year’s first major.”

HMMMM: Of shady doings, per the Washington Post, “Having never held elective office, Democrat Terry McAuliffe touts his leadership of an electric car company and other business ventures as proof that he has the executive experience needed to run Virginia as governor. His role in GreenTech Automotive, however, has drawn intense scrutiny over the past few days, when it was learned that he quietly resigned as chairman months ago and that the company owed back taxes on land it owns in Mississippi. More trouble surfaced Wednesday in the form of e-mails that Virginia economic development officials exchanged about the project in 2009, when McAuliffe considered locating the facility in the commonwealth.”

SEQUESTRATION: Hampton Roads gets a break, per the Virginian-Pilot, “Almost all $287 million in local Navy ship repairs that were in danger of being cut no longer are on the chopping block, a senior Navy official said Wednesday - good news for thousands of skilled waterfront workers whose jobs were in jeopardy. The Navy has warned for weeks that maintenance contracts with private shipyards on 11 warships could be canceled as it figured out how to trim $4.6 billion over the next six months, cuts required under federal belt-tightening known as sequestration.”

MARYLAND UNITED: Well, kind of, per Gazette.Net, “Maryland’s gas tax increase, repeal of the death penalty and sweeping gun control legislation were cause to beat the drum Wednesday in Montgomery County. In contrast to the close of the 2012 General Session when Montgomery County leaders took their state representatives to task on issues such as state education law, the two stood shoulder-to-shoulder Wednesday in Rockville to celebrate their accomplishments this year in Annapolis.”

OPEN BOOKS: At least that’s what they say, per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Gov. Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, under scrutiny for their ties to Star Scientific, said Wednesday they would be open to legislation to tighten requirements on the disclosure of gifts to immediate family members of elected officials. The governor, who will leave office before legislation could be enacted, “would be open to supporting future changes in Virginia’s disclosure laws to ensure greater transparency, and to require the reporting of gifts to immediate family members,” said Tucker Martin, a spokesman for McDonnell.”

POLITICO PLAY: “The Senate has caught bipartisan fever. Long mired in bitter gridlock, two groups of Democratic and Republican lawmakers have hashed out once-unthinkable bipartisan solutions on gun control and rewriting the nation’s immigration laws. But the rush to bipartisanship could grind to an abrupt halt in the House.

“Speaker John Boehner is once again trapped in a tough position: If he doesn’t move on Senate-passed gun and immigration compromises, the House risks looking like it is obstructing the will of the American people. Should Boehner achieve consensus among Republicans on both issues, it could re-establish him as a deal maker and a central figure in upcoming legislative debates, while helping the House move on to more comfortable political and policy grounds.”

CLEARED: Just the facts, per ABC7 – WJLA, “A Marine at Marine Corps Base Quantico accused of making death threats toward fellow marines has been cleared of all charges. A staff judge advocate at Marine Corps Base Quantico determined that the accusations against Sgt. Edward Cunningham weren’t substantiated.”

MEET THE NEW BOSS: Same as the old boss?, per the Washington Examiner, “The Fairfax County School Board chose Karen Garza, the current schools chief in Lubbock, Texas, and former second in command in Houston, as its new superintendent, the school system announced Wednesday. The School Board unanimously chose Garza out of 47 candidates -- 19 of whom interviewed with the board -- to replace current Superintendent Jack Dale on July 1.”

IMMIGRATION: Of a rally, per the Washington Times, “Thousands of immigrant rights activists rallied on the lawn in front of Capitol Hill on Wednesday, saying Hispanic voters delivered for President Obama last year and now want to cash in on his promise to legalize many of the estimated 11 million in the U.S. illegally. Inside the Capitol, lawmakers were trying to finalize a bill that would deliver on that promise, combining more border security with a legalization program that would offer a long-term path to citizenship.”

SPORTS, BRIEFLY: Nationals beat White Sox 5-2; Wizards lose to Heat 103-98.

NEWSTALK: Among today’s guests (10 a.m., NewsChannel 8) is D.C. Councilman Vincent Orange (D-At Large), who will be asked about Mayor Gray's budget and the Council's dissatisfaction with D.C. FEMS leadership.

--Skip Wood

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