DAYBREAK DAILY: Dragas-Sullivan friction continues at U.Va.

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UVA DRAGAS-SULLIVAN SPAT CONTINUES: This thing’s not going to end well, per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “University of Virginia Rector Helen Dragas (Tuesday) criticized the faculty senate for expressing its concern over her email exchanges with President Teresa Sullivan that show continuing discord. The senate Monday unanimously supported a statement by its executive council that called “regrettable” Dragas’ actions in pressing Sullivan on 65 goals, which were outlined in emails obtained by The Washington Post.

“The rector’s “reported conduct does not embody the spirit of reconciliation and cooperation that we expected to follow the reinstatement of President Sullivan,” the senate statement said.”

CPAC SNUBS MCDONNELL: We don’t like your kind, per the Virginian-Pilot, “Three times won't be a charm for Gov. Bob McDonnell at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. That's because Virginia's popular Republican chief executive won't be at the annual event set for March 14-16 -- he wasn't invited to this year's forum after being asked to attend the past two years.

“. . . McDonnell is at least the second prominent GOP governor -- New Jersey's Chris Christie is the other -- snubbed by CPAC after angering conservatives over political and policy decisions.”

HUGO CHAVEZ: A fiery voice goes silent, per the Washington Post, “Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who went from a young conspiratorial soldier who dreamed of revolution to the fiery anti-U.S. leader of one of the world’s great oil powers, died March 5 in Caracas of complications from an unspecified cancer in his pelvic area. He was 58 and had been president since 1999, longer than any other democratically elected leader in the Americas. Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced the death.”

ONE DIRECTION: Needs to be changed, per the New York Times, “Roman Catholics in the United States say that their church and bishops are out of touch, and that the next pope should lead the church in a more modern direction on issues like birth control and ordaining women and married men as priests, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.”

POLITICO PLAY: “President Barack Obama hopes to spark a pitchfork revolt against Republicans over sequester-induced budget cuts — but many Democrats fret that he’s undermined that effort with an early strategy marred by hype, poor planning and muddled messaging. The stakes in the sequester debate aren’t quite as high as they were during the debt ceiling battle of 2011, but Democratic veterans of the Obama-Republican wars of 2009 and 2010 are getting a creepy sense of déjà vu from a White House messaging shop they believe fumbled the roll-outs of the stimulus and health care initiatives.”

WANTED: AN ABULANCE: Um, er, sorry, per the Washington Examiner, “An ambulance from Prince George's County had to transport an injured D.C. police officer to the hospital Tuesday night after District authorities said they had no units available to respond. The incident began at about 6:30 p.m. when a car struck the male officer at 46th and A streets in Southeast Washington.”

GUNS AND MARYLAND: The back-and-forth continues, per the Washington Times, “Some House Democrats are pushing for changes to Gov. Martin O'Malley’s gun control bill and Republicans are warning that even if the legislation passes, voters and the courts might get the final say. Another crowd of hundreds of Second Amendment activists gathered Tuesday in Annapolis to testify on several gun bills and to rally against the governor’s proposal, which would ban assault weapons and require residents to obtain a permit and provide their fingerprints before purchasing a handgun.”

FAKE NEWS: But what of the brand?, per DCist, “The Washington Post (has added) to its website an advertising model that will put it in the same league as Forbes, BuzzFeed, and Gothamist LLC. . .The Post is moving into the realm of branded content, laid out to appear fairly similar to actual articles but filled entirely with advertising copy about the entity paying for the space.”

SPORTS, BRIEFLY: Caps beat Boston 4-3.

PARTY TIME: On wheels, per ARLnow, “The owners of Trolley Pub — a company that operates two open-air, pedal-powered party trolleys in Raleigh, N.C. – brought the vehicle up to Arlington in advance of their planned expansion here next month, to get a lay of the land and to introduce it to local law enforcement. Police Department brass, County Board staffers, Health Department officials and other county employees stopped by on their lunch break to gawk at the 15-seat contraption and ask questions about its operation, legality and safety record.”

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