DAYBREAK DAILY: Despite billions spent, report due today exposes gaps in various post-9/11 safety measures

A look at the changing demographics of D.C., wondering to what extent various measures have made us safer, and much more.

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BREAKING: A 23-year-old man is in custody after barricading himself in a Potomac home. Montgomery County Police say he fired at least one shot during the four-hour standoff at the home in the 8100 block of Coach Street, which began around 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. Details are sketchy.

FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH: But it’s interesting, per the Post, “Washington is among eight big-city metropolitan regions in which minorities became a majority in the past decade, according to a new analysis of census data showing white population declines in many of the largest metro areas.”

WE’RE KINDA SORTA SAFE: Nevertheless, a report to be released today reveals gaps, per the L.A. Times, “Despite the outlay of hundreds of billions of dollars and a vast reorganization of federal agencies since the Sept. 11 attacks, major gaps remain in the government's ability to prevent and respond to a terrorist strike, according to an assessment by the former heads of the 9/11 Commission.”

STRANDED: It’s one of those unthinkable things until it becomes painfully thinkable, per the AP, “National Guard helicopters rushed food and water Tuesday to a dozen cut-off Vermont towns after the rainy remnants of Hurricane Irene washed out roads and bridges in a deluge that took many people in the landlocked New England state by surprise.”

STRANDED II: Meanwhile, in Hatteras, it’ll be “a long slog”, per the Virginian-Pilot, “Ferry service to Ocracoke resumed for residents who returned home to an island powered by a generator. Parts of Roanoke Island faced the soaked aftermath of what may have been the worst flooding in decades. And the about 2,500 who ignored evacuation orders on Hatteras Island remained all but cut off from the world.”

SANE, SHE: So rules the judge about accused murderer Brittany Norwood, per the Washington Times, “Attorneys for the woman charged in the killing of a co-worker at a Bethesda yoga store failed Tuesday to persuade a judge to delay the trial so they could learn more about their client’s “major mental illness,” including whether concussions she may have suffered as a collegiate soccer player were a factor.”

UNPRECEDENTED NUKE SHUTDOWN: Per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “The earthquake-induced shutdown at the North Anna nuclear-power-generating station in Louisa County last week appears to be the first such occurrence among U.S. commercial power plants, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission said. Federal and Dominion Virginia Power officials are concerned that the shaking from the Aug. 23 central Virginia earthquake may have been greater than the plant was designed for.”

HE MEANS WELL: Or something, as political columnist Dana Milbank points out in his analysis of GOP presidential contender Rick Perry. “Yes, Perry is passionately anti-government, or at least anti-this-government. But the man who suddenly tops the Republican presidential polls is no libertarian. Rick Perry is a theocrat. By his own account, he is a cultural warrior, seeking to save marriage, Christmas and the Boy Scouts from liberals, gay people and moral relativism.”

SPORTS STROLL: Four home runs propel Nats past Atlanta 9-2. . .Eight Miami Hurricanes, including QB Jacory Harris, will miss Monday’s opener against Maryland because of NCAA violations. . .Redskins’ nine cuts include WR Malcolm Kelly. . .Serena Williams wins opening match at U.S. Open.

STRAPPED FOR MONEY: Er, stripped for money, per DCist, “A few weeks ago, an audit of the District's Department of Health showed that the city had not applied proper oversight on a $10 million grant program designed to benefit HIV/AIDS residential services. Turns out that at least some of that money was allegedly spent on building a strip club.”

POLITICO BLINK: “Rick Perry’s surge in the polls is prompting some high-profile Mitt Romney backers to urge the former Massachusetts governor to step up his efforts before it’s too late. Romney’s high command said that was always the plan – and that they expect to engage Perry during next month’s debates, which will usher in the stretch run of the GOP presidential campaign.”

HOLDING COURT AGAIN: After starts and stops following an April fire, Ireland’s Four Courts in Arlington celebrates a grand re-opening today. You’d be wise to take the kids, as they’ll eat for free.

ABC7 WEATHER: Expect sunshine and some patchy clouds today as we wrap up September on a pleasant note. Highs to be in the mid 80s with low humidity.

--Skip Wood