DAYBREAK DAILY: Parking spots for women open up in China

ABC7 WEATHER: Warm. Muggy. Temperatures in the mid to upper 80s.

‘GOOD MORNING WASHINGTON’: Among the reports –Prince George’s County police are investigating a homicide after a man was found dead in his home; much more, beginning at 4:30 a.m.

D.C. OFFICER ACCUSED OF ATTEMPTED MURDER DUE IN COURT: A D.C. police officer charged with trying to kill his wife is scheduled to go on trial in Prince George's County. Samson Lawrence III is scheduled for trial today on charges including attempted murder.

PRINCE GEORGE TURNS 1: A little boy who could be king is the buzz of Britain today. The palace is releasing special pictures, the Royal Mint is striking a commemorative coin and newspapers are publishing glowing tributes. It's all to celebrate the 1st birthday of Prince George. He's the son of Prince William and his wife Kate.

POLITICO PLAYBOOK: For all the progress women have made in Congress and in elections, they are practically sitting out the new game that is redefining American politics: big money.

It’s not that women want to leave it to men like Sheldon Adelson and Tom Steyer to sidle up to the table to shape important races and party politics. Rather, many fundraisers are learning that successfully collecting cash from women takes a different approach than doing so from men. In interviews, more than a dozen fundraisers, donors and political consultants said that when they reach out to women they bump up against deep cultural, strategic and logistical challenges that contrast markedly with how money has always been extracted from men.:

JOHNS HOPSKINS REACHES $190M SETTLEMENT IN SEXUAL MISCONDUCT CASE: A "rogue" gynecologist who used tiny cameras to secretly record videos and photos of his patients has forced one of the world's top medical centers to pay $190 million to 8,000 women and girls. Dr. Nikita Levy was fired from Johns Hopkins Health System in Baltimore last year after a female co-worker spotted the pen-like camera he wore around his neck and alerted authorities. Levy committed suicide days later. http://

OBAMA SAYS YES TO D.C. STATEHOOD: President Barack Obama says he's in favor of statehood for the nation's capital. Obama was asked about it yesterday at a city school. The president said, QUOTE, "I'm for it," adding that he has been "for quite some time."

TRAIN DELIVERS BODIES OF MALAYSIA AIRLINES FLIGHT 17: A train carrying the bodies of many of the victims of last week's Malaysia Airlines crash in eastern Ukraine, have arrived in the government-controlled city of Kharkiv. That's where authorities have set up a crash investigation center. The bodies then will be sent to the Netherlands for identification and forensic investigation. Of the 298 who died, 193 were Dutch citizens. Meanwhile, in Brussels, European Union foreign ministers are meeting to decide how to respond to the shootdown, which Lithuania's foreign minister blames on "terrorists supplied by Moscow."

SHIPPING CONTAINERS AS APARTMENTS IN D.C.?: Old shipping containers will soon house some local college students in D.C. Some say it’s a creative housing solution, while others call them eyesores. Eighteen shipping containers will make up a four-story apartment building where a house once stood. The owners -- two Catholic University graduates -- found it was cheaper and faster to erect a building out of the 8x40 foot boxes than to build a brand new house.

PARKING SPOTS FOR WOMEN OPEN UP IN CHINA: A shopping mall in northeastern China has sparked accusations of sexism after it created 10 pink, extra-wide parking spots for women only.

Painted in hot pink, the spots at the World Metropolis Center in Dalian say, "respectfully reserved for ladies," and are about 11 inches wider than usual parking spots.

While some female drivers appreciated the tailored design, others called the parking spots sexist and disrespectful. On the Chinese social media site Weibo, a microblogger wrote in Mandarin, “Is this for real? Don’t discriminate against women drivers.”

PARENTS OF KIDNAPPED NIGERIAN GIRLS DIE: About a dozen parents of the more than 200 kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls will never see their daughters again.

Since the mass abduction of the schoolgirls by Islamic extremists three months ago, at least 11 of their parents have died and their hometown, Chibok, is under siege from the militants, residents report.

Seven fathers of kidnapped girls were among 51 bodies brought to Chibok hospital after an attack on the nearby village of Kautakari this month, said a health worker who insisted on anonymity for fear of reprisals by the extremists.

SPORTS, BRIEFLY: The Washington Nationals defeated the Colorado Rockies 7-2; the Baltimore Orioles beat the Los Angeles Angels 4-2.

TRENDING ON ABC7 FACEBOOK: John and Janice Land, of Rockville, Md. are facing charges for allegedly locking their 22-year-old twin sons, who have autism, in a dungeon-like basement for about six years. Police noted an "overwhelming smell of urine" coming from the basement and the City of Rockville has condemned the Lands' home.

NEWSTALK: Among Tuesday’s guests (10 a.m., NewsChannel 8) are ABC 7’s Brad Bell, who will talk about the casino vote in Prince George's; and D.C. Pro Sports Report's Tom Threlkeld, who will talk about the Nationals climb into first place, the Wizards off-season personnel moves and the NFL's decision not to force announcers to use the name of Dan Snyder's team.