CAA basketball tournament Baltimore-bound: DAYBREAK DAILY

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ABC7 WEATHER: Partly cloudy with highs in the upper 50s.

TRENDING ON ABC7 FACEBOOK: It’s been a bad few days for radio DJs. The hosts of an ESPN 980 show have been suspended for making comments about a transgender basketball player. One of the Djs said the player, Gabrielle Ludwig, shouldn't play sports or "say (she) has the rights of everyone else."

CAA BOLTS FOR BALTIMORE: A slightly shorter drive for George Mason fans, per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “The Colonial Athletic Association will move its men’s basketball tournament to Baltimore starting in 2014. The tournament, which has drawn more than 42,000 fans in each of the past six years, will move from the Richmond Coliseum to 1st Mariner Arena. The Baltimore arena seats 11,000.”

WE HAVE LIFT-OFF: Of long-range intentions, per the New York Times, “North Korea launched a long-range rocket on Wednesday morning that appeared to reach as far as the Philippines, an apparent success for the country’s young and untested new leader, Kim Jong-un, and a step toward the nation’s goal of mastering the technology needed to build an intercontinental ballistic missile.”

HANDS OFF THE BARD: A landlord comes up empty, per City Paper, “The D.C. Superior Court has ruled in favor of The Shakespeare Theatre Company in a lawsuit against its landlord. In a order signed (Tuesday), the court barred the defendants—nonprofit group Lansburgh Theatre Inc. and building owner Graham Gund, among them—from raising rent or "taking any action to interfere with Shakespeare Theatre Company's occupancy" of the downtown theater house, according to a release STC sent.”

SURFING FOR THE NBA: Another hurdle cleared, per the Virginian-Pilot, “The (Virginia Beach) City Council voted 9-2 Tuesday night to keep exploring a deal to build an 18,500-seat arena near the Oceanfront that could be home to a professional basketball team, which sources have identified since August as the NBA's Sacramento Kings.”

FACE-OFF: Of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Grover Norquist, per the Times-Dispatch, “In 2012, heading into his final full year as governor, McDonnell is hinting at a boldly cautious splash in transportation finance: an automatic rise in the fuel taxes — a so-called index — triggered by an increase in the cost of highway construction materials, such as steel and asphalt. Norquist won’t hear of it. He declared in a letter to lawmakers, who return to Richmond next month for their election-year session, that indexing is a “job-killing tax increase” by another name. Norquist wrote, “For those members of the Virginia legislature who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, voting to index the gas tax to inflation, without any complete offsets, would be in clear violation of the promise you made to your constituents and the people of Virginia to oppose any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

MEANWHILE: per the Washington Post Editorial Board, “. . . Mr. Norquist is entitled to his magical thinking. But when he uses it to try to intimidate Virginia lawmakers, Mr. McDonnell must push back. On Tuesday, the governor dispatched two high-ranking aides to meet with Mr. Norquist. The upshot of that conversation remains unknown.

“Mr. McDonnell, unlike several dozen Republican lawmakers in Richmond, has never signed Mr. Norquist’s blanket anti-tax pledge. But that’s different from mustering the will to challenge the no-tax theology head-on. If Mr. McDonnell wants to avoid kicking the can down Virginia’s buckling roads, he’ll have to do so.”

POLITICO PLAY: “The growing number of GOP defectors on taxes is causing heartburn in Republican ranks and prompting fresh fears that the party is giving President Barack Obama crucial leverage in the fiscal cliff negotiations. “I think it’s not helpful on anything to negotiate in public,” said Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), echoing the concerns of many in the party eager to tamp down internal dissension ahead of a high-stakes year-end deadline.”

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OREGON MALL SHOOTINGS: Three confirmed dead, including gunman, per the Oregonian, “As up to 10,000 shoppers strolled amid holiday decorations and background Christmas carols, the Clackamas Town Center shopping mall erupted into a scene of horror Tuesday, when a masked gunman raced inside the mall and began firing dozens of shots. . . (The) unidentified gunman, acting alone, fired up to 60 shots before killing himself. The original reports of two dead were confirmed as the only fatalities. One 15-year-old Portland girl was taken by ambulance to OHSU Hospital, where she was in serious condition Tuesday night.”

KWAME: He’s back – kind of, anyway, per the Washington Examiner, “Like it or not, the federal investigation into the fishy campaign finances of defrocked Council Chairman Kwame Brown might be over, with little to show in classic public corruption. Brown's brother, Che, is scheduled to plead to bank fraud in federal court (today). Che Brown handled hundreds of thousands of dollars in his brother's successful 2008 council bid. Based on documents from the city's audit, it seemed money from that campaign has not been accounted for.”

VIRGINIA EDUCATORS UNITE: They’re scared of heights, per the Washington Times, “Virginia teachers are joining a chorus of national educators who are imploring Congress to address the looming “fiscal cliff” and are warning that state school systems stand to lose big if nothing is done. The Virginia Education Association and the National Education Association announced Tuesday that they are ramping up efforts to get the attention of lawmakers considering a deal on legislation to avoid the cliff by year’s end.”

OBIT: Just the facts, per the San Diego Union-Tribune, “Indian music legend Ravi Shankar, the man former Beatle George Harrison hailed as “the godfather of world music,” died Tuesday night at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. He was 92 and had been a resident of Encinitas since 1992. According to a statement issued Tuesday night by the Ravi Shankar Foundation, he had suffered from upper-respiratory and heart issues over the past year.”

AN INTERESTING POSITION: And a lot of people will be watching, per the Washington Post, “Now that Maryland voters have handed him six more years in office, Sen. Benjamin Cardin has the freedom to do something many of his colleagues don’t amid the ongoing “fiscal cliff” negotiations. Keep an open mind. As President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) work to strike a deficit-reduction deal, the Maryland Democrat has his own priorities. And he won’t rule anything out — even significant entitlement reforms or reductions that would affect his state’s huge population of federal employees.”

SPORTS, BRIEFLY: Wizards win at New Orleans 77-70.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE: Or something like that, per ARLnow, “Following a heated debate, the Arlington County Board (has) adopted guidelines allowing the county to enter into public-private partnerships for transportation projects like the planned Crystal City streetcar.”

REMEMBER THIS CASE?: It returns, per the News & Messenger, “Defense attorneys say new charges filed against Justin Wolfe after his case was sent back to Prince William County for a retrial could be seen as vindictive prosecution. . . Wolfe, 30, faces capital murder and other charges for the March 2001 death of Daniel Petrole Jr., who was shot outside his Bristow townhouse. Prosecutors have alleged that Wolfe hired a man to shoot Petrole.”

NEWSTALK: Among today’s guests (10 a.m., NewsChannel 8) is the newest member of the D.C. city council, Anita Bonds.

--Skip Wood

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