David Mangum admits to having hundreds of partners without disclosing HIV

David Mangum faces life in prison if convicted. Photo: Dexter (Mo.) Police Department

A Missouri man could face life in prison after he allegedly had sex with more than 300 men without telling any of them that he was HIV positive, officials say.

The Daily Statesman in Dexter, Mo. reports that 36-year-old David Mangum confessed to having intercourse with hundreds of men without disclosing that he had tested positive for the virus in 2003.

Local prosecutors charged him with knowingly infecting with HIV, a felony that comes with the possibility of life in prison.

The allegations came to light after a former partner of Mangum's tested positive for HIV shortly after engaging in a sexual relationship with the suspect.

The man who tested positive told police that he specifically asked Mangum if he had any sexually transmitted diseases, the Daily Statesman reports.