D.C. gas prices at record highs

For over two straight weeks, AAA says the national average price of a gallon of regular gas has been setting daily records for being the highest ever this time of year.{ }But, the cost may be about to go down.

As of Sunday, the price stood at $3.83 nationally, and $3.80 in the DC metro area.

AAA says Hurricane Isaac caused a lot of production capacity to be shut down two weeks ago, and that has helped keep prices high.

But the organization says if, as usual, demand falls after Labor Day, that along with a switch to cheaper winter-blend gasoline by stations should bring prices down over the next few months.

"Everybody wants to see them go down," driver Paul McGreevy said while filling his pickup truck in Wheaton Sunday night. "It hurts the pocket."

Prices in the DC metro area are over 20 cents higher than this time last year, and are up 14 cents compared to a month ago. Over the last week they've stayed roughly the same however.