Consumer Reports: Retirement study, Samsung troubles, Softimals recall

When do you hope to retire? Retirement ages are getting higher and higher these days, but this piece of news is pretty shocking.

More than a third of Americans say that they will have to work until they can’t anymore in order to make ends meet. And a new Wells Fargo study finds that 37-percent of people don’t ever expect to retire. Instead, they say they will have to work “until I’m too sick or die.”

Paying monthly bills is their highest priority, and saving for retirement is a distant second.

Meanwhile, Samsung just got fined for paying for false praise online as well as compensating people to write negative comments about its competitors.

An investigation in Taiwan discovered the fraud, and the Fair Trade Commission there says Samsung hired writers to post in online forums. The company now has to pay $340,000.

There is also a new toy recall to tell our ABC7 viewers about: "Softimals."

Infinitoy is recalling the “Super Safari” set and the "Deluxe Circus Train" set. The company says that both sets have characters with small, removable plastic hats that could be a choking hazard.