Consumer Alert: Google Glass, best colleges for your money, tricky food labels

(WJLA) - You can read emails, get directions, and access the Internet – all from your Google glasses.

On Tuesday morning, Google lifted the curtain on a line of stylish frames and prescription lenses for the gadget. Frames will cost between %150 and $225 a piece, plus the cost of lenses if you need a prescription.

You’ll also have to buy the Google Glass device itself, which retails for about $1,500. Users can attach or remove the Google Glass computer device from the frames as needed.

And in other news, are you buying what you think you’re buying at the grocery store?

If you’re only reading the front of the package, many times you might not be. There are a few common misconceptions, according to a registered dietician.

First, bread labeling can be tricky. Although it may say “wheat” or “multi-grain,” it doesn’t mean it’s whole grain bread – you want to look for it to say 100-percent.

Also, the term “light” can be confusing. It can be spelled two different ways, but mean the same thing. It can mean less calories, fat, or sodium than a food’s original counterpart.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the best values in public and private education, the winners are the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Williams College in Massachusetts.

UNC costs $17,400 per year in tuition, while Williams costs $58,900 a year -- but the average freshman receives about $40,000 in grants.