Connecticut shooting: Victims of past shootings band together

The names and faces may differ but their story is the same.

Standing together -{ } 23 families forever changed by mass shootings, from Virginia Tech to the Aurora, Colo. theater shooting.

Friday's shooting in Connecticut opened new wounds for many including Theresa Hoover, whose son AJ was killed in the aurora, Colorado, movie theater.

“I pray to God that no one else in this world will ever have to go through this again, but you and I both know it's probably going to happen again,” she says.

They're not all against guns. Some of these family members are members of the NRA. Some own guns.

But each puts a face to a tragedy, along with a plea for help.

From the parent whose son narrowly escaped Friday's Connecticut shooting, to the former Virginia Tech victim turned activist - shot four times in a room where 11 of his classmates died.

“You really can't imagine what that's like until you're in the middle of it,” says Colin Goddard, a Virginia Tech survivor. “It's hell. Just absolute hell. It's the craziest thing you could never imagine.”