Congressional seafood offers code for fish

In an era of horse tacos and suspect seafood, Jon Pearlman is working to bring honesty to the table.

If someone threw a slab of fish in front of you, chances are you couldn't tell if it was snapper or grouper, wild or farmed. But after nearly two decades in the fish business, Pearlman can.

Pearlman, who is the Vice President of the Congressional Seafood Company, says that from what he’s seen, the restaurant business can be a fishy practice.

“You might think you're getting snapper, but in actuality you're having tilapia or catfish or something like that,” Pearlman said.

So to clear the air around his products, Pearlman is rolling out QR codes on stickers, place cards and fliers that correspond with 16 different fish.

“Scan the code and then up would come all the information,” Pearlman said of how the codes work.

Facts about the fisherman, the fishing spot, even photos of the moment seafood was caught are all present. The goal is the company motto: honesty.

“We're not doing this for profit, we're not doing this for any other reason than to give the consumer the peace of mind to know that what they are eating is actually what they're thinking that they're eating,” Pearlman said.