Col. Gregory Gadson in Battleship

Col. Gregory Gadson

In the action packed movie "Battleship,” Mick is taking down aliens. In real life, Col. Gregory Gadson is a full time soldier who directs the military's Wounded Warrior program after losing both his legs in Iraq.

Now he's attending movie premieres and hobnobbing with the likes of Rihanna, with fans recognizing him wherever he goes.

The movie's director, Peter Berg saw Gadson's picture in National Geographic and tracked him down.

Amazingly, Gadson performed his own stunts, strapped into a dolly configured specially for him.

Fighting external battles in the movie, Mick learns the real fight toward becoming a full man -- is in his soul. It’s a lesson Gadson learned in Iraq.

“When your whole life is turned upside down, (you) find your respect,” Gadson says. “Those are real life struggles.”

And what does he want moviegoers to see in his character?

“Really my ability to represent those wounded,” he says. “Nobody has done something like this before. What you put your heart and mind into you can accomplish.”