Chris Knafelc jumps on Pa. subway tracks to save a man (Video)

Chris Knalfec talks with reporters after being cited by police as a hero for saving a man who had fallen on Philadelphia subway tracks.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment a man fell onto the tracks in a Philadelphia subway station and another person jumped down to save him.

The man calmly walks to the edge of the subway tracks and steps off, landing just inches from the high-voltage rails.

Chris Knafelc was waiting for the train, saw what happened, ran over and jumped down on the tracks to help.

"Out of the corner of my eye, I seen a body flail on the tracks," Knafelc says. "I can't imagine not helping someone in that situation, like I can't imagine that."

Knowing the next train would come barreling down the tracks any minute, Knafelc yelled to other passengers to tell subway workers to stop it.

"I already had a plan if a train came," Knafelc says. "I was going to roll him underneath where you stand, like underneath the ledge or if I couldn't I was going to ask someone to jump down and help me roll him."

With the trains stopped, Knafelc stayed on the tracks with the man until firefighters arrived 11 minutes later to help move him.

"There have been people there for me when I needed somebody. And, these people I can't pay back, so the next best thing would be to pay it forward," Knafelc says.

The transit authority's police chief say the man is going to be fine, thanks to this Good Samaritan.

"A person that was unknown to the victim jumped onto that track and saved his life," says SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel. "He's a hero. This is what Philadelphia is all about."

Police say they still do not know why the man walked off that subway platform. but, he is in stable condition.