Chris Christie greets President Obama before tour of Sandy damage

President Obama and New Jersey governor Chris Christie boarded the presidential Marine One helicopter upon its arrival in southern New Jersey for an aerial tour of the damage.

In what would otherwise be an unlikely pairing, President Obama and Governor Chris Christie teamed up Wednesday, putting politics aside and disaster first.

“We are here for you,” said Obama, “and we will not forget. We will follow up to make sure you get all the help you need until you rebuild.”

Christie, a strong support of Mitt Romney, continued to stress this is no time for stumping.

“We love to argue with each other on other stuff, but there’s no reason for us to argue about this,” he said.

There was talk of touring lower Manhattan, but it was decided that a presidential appearance could actually hinder the recovery efforts.

Hours earlier, the president stopped at FEMA headquarters in D.C. for a region-wide briefing. While away from the damage in the swing state of Florida, Mitt Romney also appeared with a heavy-hitter, Jeb Bush.

“Imagine a leader like Mitt Romney that will restore confidence in the country and economy,” said Bush. “I imagine it each and every day. That’s why I’m campaigning for him.”

The storm was still the top of his remarks.

“Please, if you have an extra dollar or two send them along.”

But the niceties didn’t last long on either side and with six days left and polls so tight, the uglier side of politics quickly surfaced.

“The facts are that Romney will say anything. Anything to win,” said Vice President Joe Biden.