component-ddb-728x90-v1-01-desktop allows users to gripe, whine and moan about all issues

If you've got an issue or problem that you're dying to get off your chest, doesn't discriminate. In fact, the site gives you all the time you need to vent.

From health issues like psoriasis, to Walmart greeters and even the caloric content of McDonals hamburgers, a global audience and plenty of company awaits on the new site. - a tip of the cap toward people who take to their webcams to air their grievances - boasts that it's the world's first website dedicated to letting you rant, rave, gripe and grumble.

Jane Ashley, an Arlington-based therapist, says that in today's culture of knee-jerk criticism, we have an unhealthy need to argue and complain.

"It creates more anger, and rather than making us feel better, it ends up making us feel worse," Ashley said.

Some of the "cam-plaints" are innocuous, like the person who complained that a Walmart greeter wasn't cheery enough. - "You agreed to greet people for a paycheck, so do your job!" the complainer said.

Some, though, are a little more personal, like one man who unloaded on an ex-wife.

"Thank you for all the deep emotional scars and bad credit," he said. "I hope you get run over by a bus."

If you don't think anyone is watching, though, you might be way off base. Complaining is apparently must watch footage; some venting videos on the site are getting hundreds of thousands of views. In fact, the site's most viewed complaint has 190,000 hits, and it's by a teenage boy complaining about his smartphone.

Be judicious, though - as with everything on the web, putting your words and thoughts out there can get you in trouble. If you're not worried about it, though, whining and wailing is just a mouse-click away.