Lifeguards' Gangnam remake draws national spotlight

The California lifeguards who were fired after spoofing the "Gangnam Style" video sensation are demanding that they get their jobs back. The 14 lifeguards took their fight to the El Monte City Council Monday night.

The lifeguards were fired for posting their own remake video of a dance, inspired by Korean rapper Psy’s hit “Gangnam Style,” on YouTube. The remake now has more than 1.5 million hits. The lifeguards say they were just having fun but local officials say it was an improper use of city property.

Support is pouring in from all over the world via social media. The "Bring back the 14 El Monte Lifeguards" page on Facebook now has about 15,000 likes.
And the pop star behind the music video, which has inspired a number of other parodies, is also coming to their defense.

"I'm begging you," Psy said during a plea on MTV, "Do not fire please."

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