California library book lost for four months turns up in Japan

Four months later, the travel guide was returned to Sacramento from Japan. Photo: KXTV/CNN

It's a sinking feeling to know that you've lost something - whether it be your wallet, your keys or any other object - and have no idea where it is.

In Sacramento, Calif., a man went through that feeling for months when he misplaced a travel guide that he checked out from a public library on April 25. Miraculously, though, the book has been found nearly four months later.

In Japan.

According to News 10, someone checked out a Japan travel guide from Sacramento's Public Library in late April, but it soon disappeared. Earlier this week, though, the library's director says it randomly showed up in the mail.

The guide was accompanied by a note that said it was found at Uneo Station, a major train stop in central Tokyo.

That library user who originally checked the travel guide out has been notified, and as a gift, the library sent her - of course - a book.