British students wear World Trade Center costumes for Halloween

(WJLA) - A pair of students at a university in Great Britain are being widely condemned after going to a costume party dressed as the World Trade Center towers.

The 19-year-old students at the University of Chester, Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, won a nightclub costume contest on Halloween while dressed as the towers, the BBC says.

"We never meant to be offensive," say students who won competition dressed as the Twin Towers

— BBC News England (@BBCEngland) November 6, 2013

Those towers, of course, were attacked and destroyed during the Sept. 11 terror attacks, killing nearly 3,000 people inside the skyscrapers. The BBC says that the pair's costumes even included fake flames and an explosion.

Both the university and its student union condemned the costumes, and a University of Chester spokesperson told the BBC that they've begun an "urgent investigation" into the students.

"The idea was to depict a serious, modern-day horror that happened in our lifetime and was not intended as a joke," Langford and Collinge said.