British food: Not as bad as you thought

Fans of the royals have made their way to London to witness Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. Cynne Simpson is there for ABC7, and she’s discovered a restaurant that holds a special place in British history.

In London’s West End, you can find food from all parts of the world to satisfy any palate, the British will tell you the best food in town can be found in local pubs. Just blocks from Buckingham Palace on Victoria Street, "the Albert" is one of London's historic hot spots. Queen Victoria was a regular here.

The Albert is known for serving up British favorites like fish and chips, lamb and mint pie with vegetables and gravy. In fact, pies are very traditional -- but forget about the sugar. These pies are filled with meat.

That may not "sound" appetizing, but Canadian tourists Simpson talked to said the taste might surprise you. Bartender's suggest you pair your pie with some ale or another British favorite, Pimms, which is a mixture of liquor, lemonade sparkling water, fruit and cucumber.

Pimms is a refreshing summertime option. Right now, most restaurants' biggest concern is just having enough Pimms in stock. Many are predicting this will be their biggest week ever.