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      British bus driver hits cyclist, sentenced to 17 months in prison (Video)

      Surveillance video shows the bus swerving to intentionally hit the cyclist. (Photo: YouTube/worldmediaus)


      A British bus driver who intentionally hit a bicyclist with whom he argued with has been sentenced to 17 months in prison.

      The Irish Times reports that last April, the bus driver, Gavin Hill, and a cyclist, Phillip Mead, got into an argument over how closely Mead was riding to Hill's bus in Bristol, England.

      The 29-year-old bus driver was then caught on camera lurching to the left and hitting Hill while he tried to ride away. The cyclist suffered a broken leg and wrist in the incident.

      "You used that vehicle as a weapon to bully and intimidate the cyclist who, in the end, was struck by that bus," a judge told Hill after he pleaded guilty to several charges, the Times reports.

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