Boston Marathon bombing victim running on prosthetic legs


(CNN/WCVB) - A woman who lost both of her legs but survived last year's Boston Marathon bombings is not only back on her feet, she's running again.

Thanks to new prosthetics, Celeste Corcoran is getting her life back and taking on new challenges. For a person who says she hated running, her recovery has been all the more stunning.

Corcoran spent several days at Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates in Orlando getting fitted for prosthetic sockets and running blades, and within two days, she was running on her own.

"The first time I did it myself, I kept saying, 'I can't believe I just did that,'" she said.

Celeste credits her family, including her daughter Sydney, who was nearly killed in the bombings. She says that they gave her the strength to take on new challenges.

"You can dig down deep and find that strength," Corcoran said. "I just want to have the best life I can possibly have."