Batman crime fighters in Brazil, Slovakia

The police in the Brazilian city of{ }Taubaté have hired on Batman to help them fight crime.{ }Batman, a.k.a.{ }André Luiz Pinheiro, 50,{ }a former soldier and Batman impersonator, has been hired on to patrol crime-ridden neighborhoods.

The police is hoping that Pinheiro will be someone that{ }lost children will recognize and be able to approach. As well, he will help with crimes of murder and drug trafficking, which have been larger issues in the suburbs, according to the O Vale newspaper.

Furthermore, the town of Dunajska Streda, a Slovak town, also have their own Batman. This Batman is 26-year-old Zoltan Kohari, a former house painter who left his 8-month sentence{ }in jail with the conviction that it was time for him to do right for his town, according to

Kohari has turned his apartment into his own "Batcave" and is now helping the town with crime. He has yet to use physical violence and is considered to be a hero to the town, especially to those under 12.