Baby seal enters New Zealand house, curls up on couch

The baby seal curled up on the couch after entering the home through a cat door. (Photo: Department of Conservation)

It's one thing to come home and find Man's Best Friend curled up on your couch.

It's completely another to find a baby seal doing that. But in one woman's New Zealand home, that's exactly what happened.

PHOTOS: See the baby seal chilling out inside Annette Swoffer's home.

The New Zealand Herald reports that Annette Swoffer, who lives near the Bay of Plenty on the southern Pacific Ocean nation, found the seal in her kitchen and, eventually, on her couch.

New Zealand's Department of Conservation believes the seal made its way out of the water, through a neighborhood and into Swoffer's home through a cat door.

"I'm looking and I'm definitely seeing flippers and not paws," Swoffer told the Herald.

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