Australian bullying job ban set to take effect

(Photo: Flickr)

A group of companies down under is taking drastic new steps to try to combat bullying in high schools, the Telegraph says.

Basically, if you were characterized as a bully in high school, good luck getting a job in one part of Australia.

According to Bruce McDougall of the Telegraph, 12 companies in New South Wales have banded together to reject job applications from people who have a history of bullying, cyberbullying or other harassing behavior.

The program, called "BullyCheck," will be enacted by ClubsNSW, a coalition of businesses in the Australian state. Applicants aged 17-22 may now be subjected to background and reference checks.

"Clubs will be going into schools with the message that the consequences of bullying will not be erased when they leave high school," ClubsNSW chief executive Anthony Ball told the Telegraph.