Asiana: Ye Meng Yuan's family sues City of San Francisco

LOS ANGELES (ABC NEWS) - In the chaos following the crash of Asiana Flight 214, new video shows emergency workers warning others about a victim found on the ground.

We now know that 16-year-old Ye Meng Yuan survived the crash, only to die later after being run over by fire crews.

Video was taken from a firefighter’s helmet camera, and the angle captured on a truck appears to show yet another emergency worker motioning for crews to go around.

"Not one of the firefighters took her pulse; not one of the firefighters checked if she was breathing. She was covered by foam and run over by two different trucks," said the victim's family's attorney, Justin Green.

The teen was one of three who died last July when the jet came in too slowly at the airport and broke apart, sliding out of control.

"Our aircraft rescue firefighting equipment went to work right away," said Joanne Hayes-White with the San Francisco Fire Department.

But Yuan's family is now suing the City of San Francisco.

"What happened here goes far beyond just simple negligence," said Justin Green.

The Fire Department would not comment on the lawsuit, but released the following statement as it awaits the NTSB’s full report:

"It is our responsibility to respect the integrity of the investigation and not compromise it in any way."

The attorney for the victim’s family says they appreciate the helmet camera worn by the firefighter.