Asiana Airlines crash: NTSB investigating fatal crash

As Asiana Airlines flight 214 sat on the ground smoldering, .passengers rushing to get out after the crash landing, San Francisco firefighters raced to help.

With jet fuel spilling out of the wings and the plane on fire, firefighters ran up the exit slides to being searching for trapped passengers. They found five in the heavily damaged rear of the 777.

“We had elderly, we had a woman with a gentlemen and standing over here, a woman who was partially trapped, a small person trapped between the seats,” says Lt. Chrissy Emmons.

Police officer Jim Cunningham rushed on board without protective gear to help.

“The overhead luggage compartments had collapsed blocking the exit, I just starting grabbing luggage doing whatever I could do to get inside there,” he says.

Now, the first video from inside the crashed cabin from NTSB investigators who are working to determine why the plane was coming in 31 knots too slow, and flying too low.

The pilot at the controls had only 43 hours of experience with the 777, it was his first landing at San Francisco Airport.

Kevin Hiatt, a former airline pilot now president of the flight safety foundation, says the big question is why did the pilots realize the problem too late.

“This landing shouldn't have been hard at all, as far as easy it would have been a very easy landing,” Hiatt says.