Army plans to review new grooming guidelines banning natural hairstyles

(WJLA) - Military officials plan to review its new grooming regulations with regards to natural hairstyles.

The Pentagon announced its plans to review the guidelines on Tuesday during a briefing where Rear Adm. John Kirby read a letter from Secretary Chuck Hagel, according to the Washington Post.

The regulations, known as Army Regulation 670-1, were announced in March and heavily criticized for discriminating against natural hairstyles such as braids, cornrows, and twists that many of the military's female African-American soldiers use to manage their hair while in combat.

The Pentagon said Tuesday that the military would review controversial grooming policies that led some to accuse the Army of racial bias.

In the letter, Hagel says the military were review the guidelines to "revise any offensive language" and "ensure standards are fair and respectful of our diverse force while also meeting our military services requirements," the Post reports.

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