Ana Maria Cordoba killed in Spain train crash

Photo: Catholic Diocese of Arlington

ANNANDALE, Va. (WJLA) -- A 47-year-old woman from Arlington is among the victims in the Spain train derailment. She was an employee of the Arlington Archdiocese, and since the accident, the staff had all been praying for Ana Maria Cordoba's safe return since they were aware that she was missing in the crash.

The Most Reverend Paul S. Loverde, Bishop of Arlington, made this statement on the death of Ana Maria Cordoba:

“The tragic death of Ana Maria Cordoba in the recent train derailment in Spain is the cause of immense grief not only to her beloved family - her parents, husband, daughter and son - but also to the “family” of our diocesan Chancery. Ana Maria served in the diocesan Office of Human Resources, specializing in Employee Benefits, and her mother Maria Angel is the Executive Assistant to the Vicar General Father Mark S. Mealey, O.S.F.S."

Cordoba was traveling with her husband and teenage daughter to meet up with her son who was making a pilgrimage there. Her husband and daughter are in stable condition at a hospital in Spain -- both were injured in the crash.

"I didn't even want to watch that train wreck, and when I saw her name come out it was just a overwhelming to me," said friend and co-worker Caitlin Bootsma.

"Many hearts are broken," added friend Maria Del Rosario Ceberg.

On Friday, Cordoba's friends and co-workers gathered for a special mass service. Those who knew Cordoba spoke of her generosity, faith, and kindness -- a woman who brought joy to a lot of people in life and whose death fills many with sorrow.

“It's a big tragedy,” said parishioner Mike Thieman. “We raise our spirits and our prayers for the family and for all the victims.”

“It hits us all like the loss of a family member, a sister," said Father Tom Ferguson, Diocese Priest.

Cordoba worked for almost seven years in the employee benefits department, and her mother always works at the Diocesian offices.

In Washington, the White House said at least six Americans were among those killed, injured, or missing.