Another FAA shutdown?

With the airline industry headed for yet another bumpy ride, pilots and flight attendants lined up Wednesday, with harsh words for congress and a plea for action.

"It's time to get it done, and we're serious about that, that's why we're coming to you, coming to the American public,” said Capt. Lee Moak, Air Line Pilots Association.

If the FAA faces shutdown like this summer, not only could it miss out on a critical funding - last time $400 million - but passenger safety might also be compromised.

The Federal Aviation Administration has been operating on short-term extensions since 2007 because the House and Senate can't agree on a comprehensive plan for the future. Tens of thousands of construction worker layoffs and $400 million in uncollected airline ticket taxes were affected by the shutdown.

The agency will shut down again on Sept. 16 unless Congress acts.

Fifteen-year veteran flight attendant Sara Nelson says the projects put on hold by a shutdown can affect everything from an old tower that needed to be torn down because it blocked traffic controllers' views to the need for updated communications systems.

"We had safety inspectors who were expected to come to work without pay without expenses,” Nelson said.

And there are jobs: Permanent funding could avoid layoffs and actually add thousands for construction projects.