Alabama mother lobbies for her invention, Caroline's Cart


A woman from Alabama came to the nation's capital to fight for her disabled daughter and she hopes to help other families across the country.

On a mission, Drew Ann Long brought her entire family to Capitol Hill., including her severely disabled daughter Caroline. She takes Caroline with her almost everywhere.

“And I have invented a special needs shopping cart,” Long says. “It's called Caroline's Cart.”

Long struggled to run errands and shop with Caroline.

Today, she met with lawmakers and their staffers to talk about her problem and eventual solution.

“After a year of looking, I realized there was no such product,” Long says. “So I started a Quest and I invented a special needs shopping cart. “

While Long would like to see legislation mandating Caroline's Carts across the country, she says her real goal is to raise awareness.

“I represent millions of families,” Long says. “I’ve gotten thousands and thousands of letters from families, so I come here asking them that retailers provide this cart. So we can shop with our children. We don't have to hire a baby sitter we can stop on the fly.“

Caroline's Carts cost about $200 more than the regular model. It has a handle that swings open for placing someone in the tilting seat. It also has straps to keep a child or adult safely in the seat. The manufacturer maintains they are well worth the investment.

“We are serving an invisible population,” says Rebel Negley, amanufacturer's representative. “Many of these retailers and grocers are unaware of this population. They don't see them in their stores everyday. This will increase their business. “

But for now the visits to lawmakers and business leaders continue, with the hope that one day grocery shopping will be easier for those with disabled loved ones.

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