Air Force Captains reunited in Pentagon ceremony

Separated by a war zone and eight and a half time zones, Air Force Captains Christian and Lori Hodge were reunited Monday in a career achievement.

Captain Christian and Lori Hodge are promoted to the grade of Major 41 in a ceremony at the Pentagon—with Lori in through a teleconference in Afghanistan. They were each promoted in rank by the Air Force Chief of Staff.

Pentagon officials say they don't think this has ever happened before—military spouses, with parallel careers, and simultaneous promotions.

“I outrank her technically but we all know the wife outranks me. Let's be serious here,” Christian said.

Just last month, the Hodges celebrated their six year anniversary. Because of deployments, they've been separated for three of those years.

“And the incredible part is they volunteered to deploy to be apart from each other to serve their country,” said Brigadier General Les A. Kodlick of the U.S. Air Force.

The couple has a 20 month old daughter, Alexa.

“It's our friends, our family and our leaders who have supported us all along the way… you've cheered us on and you've guided us,” Lori said.

Lori returns to Washington in December, but then Christian leaves for another deployment next summer.

“We serve because we want to. We both love the Air Force and love our careers and we just know that's part of the deal…and we're happy to do that,” Christian said.

In fact, family members say their relationship grows stronger with each deployment.

“Because they have to take a step back and think of the other person and think of their daughter. More than themselves,” said Christian’s mother, Linda Mattoni.

The two were separated for a mission, but are united in their marriage.