Aimee Copeland appears on Katie Couric's talk show

Tuesday, Aimee Copeland sat down with Katie Couric to talk about her medical battle with a rare flesh-eating bacteria. In her first television interview, Copeland showed how far she's come, walking onto the set of Couric's new talk show.

"Sometimes I'm like, 'How did this happen to me?,' and it's bad...," Copeland said.

Doctors performed multiple amputations on the 24-year-old Georgia grad student to save her life. Copeland's left leg, right foot and hands were removed.

Copeland continued, "You take for granted just how wonderful it is to look people in the eyes instead of looking up at people all the time."

She cut her leg in May during a zip line accident and developed necrotizing fasciitis. Doctors gave her slim odds for survival.

Doctor Marc Siegel works with infectious disease at George Washington Hospital in D.C.

"The infection can spread down to the foot up to the thigh in a matter of a day," Siegel explains.

What's amazed doctors and so many supporters of Copeland is her positive attitude and strong will.

"She's obviously very courageous," Siegel adds. "I mean, this is a devastating injury, and it's shows our medicine has come a long get someone through this."

Copeland returned home last month.

Her family's home was renovated with a new $200,000, two-story wing featuring an elevator. The upgrades were paid for using donations collected in her hometown of Snellville, Ga.