ABC7 interviews Tim Pawlenty during a visit to the ABC7/ Politico offices

During a visit to the ABC7/ Politico newsroom, ABC7's Scott Thuman asked Tim Pawlenty about how he plans to go after other contender for the Republican presidential nomination, what he thinks about the potential troop drawdown in Afghanistan, and what other issues he plans to address in the campaign.

Pawlenty replies that he plans to focus on the economy during the campaign, citing high gas prices as one issue of concern for many families. He also said he would need more information on the planned troop drawdown in Afghanistan that President Barack Obama plans to announce tomorrow, such as the time frame and whether support or combat troops would be involved.

Speaking of his contenders for the nomination, he said each brought experience and a record to the table, but stressed the different approaches to health care reform taken by him and Massachusetts governor Mike Romney.

View the full interview below and read POLITICO's story on Pawlenty's visit here.