7-year-old boy mauled by pack of dogs outside home expected to survive

Photo: Destonie Alfred

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WEAR) — A seven-year-old boy attacked by three dogs on Tuesday night outside his home on Chemstrand Road is recovering. Escambia County Animal Services Manager John Robinson said the boy suffered significant injuries, but thankfully should be okay.

Photos provided to WEAR-TV by the boy's mother, Destonie Alfred, show multiple bite marks on her son's body and a large gash on his head. Alfred declined to speak with WEAR-TV about the incident involving her son, Kolten Jones, until she received legal advice.

Robinson said the dogs were roaming the neighborhood when they mauled the little boy. He said they have contacted the owners.

"We already have written them citations for not having the dogs licensed and vaccinated and then we'll do the follow up investigation from there and see if there's any other charges that are pending," Robinson said.

Robinson said the dogs have been confiscated and are under a "hold for observation." Robinson said the breeds of the dogs were a large mixed breed, cattle dog and mini pinscher. Robinson said they have not found any past violations or complaints about the dogs. However, he points out they were not licensed and so they could have a record at a previous address. He said that will be part of the investigation.

"At this junction, we're not even into the point we're doing a dangerous dog investigation yet," Robinson said. "We're trying to find out the circumstances, but if we find out and we do go into that procedure, there will be a full due process that it's justified to declare them dangerous if need be."

The fate of the dogs really depends on the severity of the bites and the circumstances surrounding it. According to Escambia County's Code of Ordinances, if the dogs were unprovoked and the injuries are determined to be severe, they will be euthanized. If the bites were not severe, but still enough to deem the dogs dangerous, the owners will have to take measures to safely secure the dogs. If the dogs are deemed dangerous and the owners surrender the dogs, they will be euthanized.

Robinson said this is a unique case because there were three dogs and so they will be tasked with finding out which ones caused which bites. He urges other dog owners to make sure theirs are secured.

"You may lose a dog, a family member to these kinds of incidents," Robinson said. "We want people to be really careful with allowing their dog to just run loose and potentially injure somebody."

Jones was treated at West Florida Hospital and has been released.

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