50,000 bees found in walls of Larry Chen's home

Photo: Mike Conneen

Larry Chen, a 27-year-old photojournalist and Los Angeles resident, doesn't spend much time at home. He did notice that bees would occasionally fly in and out of his place, but initially, he didn't pay much mind to it.

He didn't pay much mind, that is, until a professional beekeeper told him that there were about 50,000 bees living inside the walls of his home, ABC News says. What might be more remarkable is that he was more curious than nervous about the swarm.

'I just remained calm, and I figured they wouldn't bother me too much," Chen told ABC News' Audree Steinberg, adding that he only got stung once.

He told ABC that he initially only thought the hive contained about 1,000 bees, but after coming back from a long business trip, he brought in a beekeeper, who told him about the sheer size of the hive. It took five hours to evacuate all the bees from the house.

However, Chen took the attitude that it could always be worse.

"It's good we caught it at this time because it could have been a lot bigger," Chen said.