'Brady Campaign' addresses gun violence with help of Hollywood stars

(WJLA) - Las Vegas police officers shot and killed; students in Seattle, and even more in Santa Barbara shot and killed – the flurry of recent violence was an easy target for the Brady campaign today, which brought in Hollywood stars Julianna Margulies and Griffin Dunne.

The campaign promises to alter Hollywood’s glamorization of guns, as the responsibility to do so is often staring them in the face.

"There's such a desensitization to gun violence, I don't have my TV on a 24-hour loop," says Julianna.

Despite vows to make writers and directors more aware of their wishes, these actors admit that there are tremendous difficulties in truly altering the overall message.

Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi says despite the Brady Law’s success in preventing more than a million convicted felons from getting guns, expanding that reach means passing new laws – which is no easy task.

The more realistic option, they concede, is improving gun safety among gun owners.

"And we'll keep seeing it if something isn't done," says Julianna.