Zoraida Hernandez remains jailed after allegedly leaving child in hot car

Zoraida Hernandez is charged with felony child neglect

In the section of Arlington where a woman is accused of leaving her 8-month-old infant in a hot car, the woman accused of it is a familiar face.

Jessica Chavez used to see Zoraida Hernandez at First Cash Pawn, on the same block where police say Hernandez's 8-month-old son died after she left him inside a car Friday for nearly six and a half hours.

"Terrible. It was very sad. Brought tears to my eyes," Chavez says.

Chavez says her heart breaks for the child, but not Hernandez.
"I have no sympathy for her what so ever,” she says. “And I hope the baby gets the justice he deserves."

Police say Hernandez, a 32-year-old mother of five from Alexandria, had planned on dropping off her 8-month-old boy at daycare before going to work. But it never happened.

According to the criminal complaint, she parked her car at 9 a.m., then went to work at 200 North Glebe Road. At 3:30, with temperatures in the 90s, she got back in the car and drove to Alexandria to pick up her 2-year-old daughter from daycare.

It was then she noticed her son was in the car seat, unconscious.
She immediately drove to iNova Alexandria Hospital, where the child was pronounced dead, with a temperature of 108 degrees.

Now, Hernandez must deal with the pain while sitting in an Arlington County jail cell.

"I'm hoping she's there the rest of her life,” Chavez says. “It's a life she took away, basically."